Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How far I have come

I was reading my race recaps recently and I noticed that I am so different from a year ago in terms of my races (and also life in general but that is another post for another day). These days I just get out there and RUN! 

Here are a few things that I noticed I do differently now:
-In the Lake Houston 5K race recap I said that I pick someone in the race to beat, but now I don't do that.  I run for ME.  I am not trying to beat anyone's time but my own.  I do admit that sometimes when I am running with someone that I know I look for them on the course to see how they are doing, but I always shake my head and remember that I need to race my own race, not someone else's.

-In the Toughest 10K Kemah 2011 race I was scared about doing 6 miles.  6 miles?  I do that at least 3 or 4 times a week and then some.

-Clothes choices-I am looking back and THE most important thing I do is pick out what I am going to wear.  Did I get a new shirt for this race?  Does it have a theme that matches the race theme?  Who cares?!  I am planning my outfit for my first marathon, but otherwise I am not worried about it at all.  I just pull out any old tech t-shirt and run.

-Breakfast-These days it's sort of a touch and go kind of breakfast.  I don't plan it out anymore.  I don't have a pre-race ritual.

-Goodybags-I used to care what I got as race swag, but now I hardly ever even open the bag they give me unless it's to pull out my bib number and tech t-shirt.  I really care about the bling.

-Every twist and turn-I used to tell you how I felt at every stride, but now I just say I felt good or I was having an off day or something.

-Half Marathon-A half marathon was a big freakin' deal to me a year ago and a very scary distance.  Now, I have done two of them and I have to more plus an 18 miler scheduled in December.  I actually have a half marathon this weekend right after I move and it's no big deal, it's just another run.  I am kinda nonchalant about them and its weird.  I think that your first race at each distance gives you butterflies in your stomach, but you know once you have done it once your head gives your body the OK to do it again and again without much problem.

-Starting position-At the Toughest 10K Kemah 2012 my uncle asked me if I needed to get in a certain place in line.  I said no, I will find my pace naturally and adjust to where I need to be.  They were starting in the back and so did I.  I used to think I had to be in the 'right' corral or line placement, but now I know that it doesn't really matter unless you are super speedy.

I think all of these things are because I know I can do it.  I believe in myself and my abilities now. 

Have your races changed since you have been running?  Do you still get butterflies? 

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  1. I still remember running my very first 5k & thinking I would die! I felt like a CHAMPION crossing the finish line... That's the perk of running... There are limitless goals to set for yourself! New distances, new PRs... You get to feel like a champion as often as you choose to challenge yourself!