Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lake Houston 5K/10K

Last Saturday I did the Lake Houston 5K in Kingwood, TX.  I have lived in Houston most of my life and I don’t believe that I knew where Lake Houston was and that it was in Kingwood.  Silly me.

Anyway, I woke up at 5:15 am to my alarm clock named Jabba the Hutt.  He wakes me every morning at 5:15 so he can be fed…I created a monster.  I got out of bed and threw on my running outfit that I was going to wear that day, grabbed my water bottle, keys, wallet, IPod, and breakfast.

I wasn’t sure how long the drive was so I made my breakfast to go.  It was a wheat tortilla with peanut butter, bananas, and chia seeds.  Yummy!

Lake Houston is about an hour drive from my house so I had to book it if I wanted to be on time.  My friend Armando was running the race with me also so I met him there.  You might remember Armando from the Outriggers 5KWe both got there right on time and I got our numbers, timing chips, and swag bags. 

I knew I would be really sweaty and gross so we took a few pics of the finish line before the race. LOL.

And their off!  My pony tail was swinging and I was doing the princess wave.

At the beginning of every race I try and choose someone to beat.  Now, I am a very slow runner so I pick people anyone could take on.  My Outriggers 5K I took on a pregnant lady (really pregnant, as in about to pop), and this race I took on an old lady. 

I kept seeing her ahead of me and said to myself, ‘Really, you are going to let a 60+ year old lady beat you?’  I didn’t catch up to her to mile 1.3, but at least I did.  Actually to be fair I didn’t really notice her til about mile .75 mile and it didn’t take that long to catch up with her.  About mile 2.25 she passed me for a sec and I said ‘Oh, hell no’ and picked up the pace.  Mile 2.5 she was there again.  Ugh! Didn’t she know I am slow!  That’s ok, I picked it up again and finished a head of her.  I didn’t see her again til the free stuff area so I don’t know how much longer she took to finish.  We are just going to pretend I beat her by a mile….

After the race was over I met up with Armando and chilled out til we found the results that were posted.  Armando finished 3rd in his age group!  WHOO HOO!!!  We had to stay for awards so we did.  This is Armando with his medal!!  Go Armando!  I will be getting a medal one day.

Got home and look at all the free swag I got at the race.  In addition to this pile I got a popsicle, banana, Gatorade, and a bottle muscle milk.

The awesome sponsors gave us all this stuff:
-Tote bag, t-shirt, two koozies, eye glass cleaner, eye glass hand wipe thing, Bio Freeze (pain reliever gel), Band-Aids and holder, first aid kit, Mary Kay sample eye shadow, Nutri-Grain granola bar, My Fit Foods trail mix, pen, water bottle, orange, fruit strip sample, free meal from My Fit Foods, wrist I.D. hand sanitizer, sewing kit (??), and balance wrist bracelet.  Lots of cool stuff.  I used the trail mix at the movies later in the day. 

Guess what?  I beat my personal record again!!!!  My official time was 36.13 min which was only a small increase again, but I still beat it.  I WILL one day place and receive a medal in my age group. 

All in all the race was great!  I wish my family and friends could have come, but having my running buddy Armando drive in from Lufkin was awesome.

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