Thursday, November 15, 2012

America Recycles Day

Today is America Recycles Day and I thought I would tell you a few different ways I have been recycling or going ‘green’ lately!  I don’t have recycling at my house so I can’t send stuff off like I would like (does anyone know a place to recycle in my area?)
1.        Shred Box-At work we have a shred box or the trash-I choose the shred box because everything in it gets recycled! 
2.       Grocery bags-I have been using those fabric grocery bags that you can buy from just about anywhere for about a dollar.  If they get dirty, just wash them!
3.       Turn off the lights-Every time I walk in the kitchen or supply room at work the light seems to be on.  Turn it off when you leave (except if someone is in there, because that’s just rude.
4.       Water bottles-I have been using a lot of water bottles lately for running-Instead of buying individual water bottles lately, I just use my fuel belt and refill the containers as needed.
5.       Cup-At work I try to refill a plastic cup that is washable instead of using the Styrofoam cups that are provided.  Styrofoam is the easy to recycle but does not bio-degrade.  Don’t use them!
6.       Towels-When I get done with the shower I towel off and hang it back up to reuse the towel for about a week, then I wash it.  You just took a shower so you are clean, there is no reason to wash a towel every time you use it.  That may be gross to some people, but I don’t really care.  I actually know several people who do this so I can’t be the only crazy person out there. 
7.       Cat food rings-My cousin makes jewelry out of the tabs on sodas (which I don’t drink) and I always send her the tabs off of Jabba’s cat food tins.  I haven’t seen a necklace out of them yet, but I know she uses them.

What do you do to recycle and ‘go green’?

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