Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Amelia's Baby Shower

My friend Laura and I went to SFA together many moons ago.  On Saturday she had her baby shower in Katy to celebrate the upcoming arrival of little Miss Amelia Jane.  Her sister and her friends held the baby shower for her at a clubhouse in Katy.  I didn't get any pictures of the decorations or anything, but it was a pink and black theme.

 I said earlier that Laura and I went to SFA together, but I hadn't talked to her in a few years.  Back in February the Christian radio station KSBJ hosted a post-it event where you are to get a post it and write a Christian positive message and stick it in a public place for others to read.  I had recently moved to a new building with my new job and on the way out to the parking garage I stopped at the 2nd floor bathroom (15 story building, we are on 12 and 14) and saw this post-it.  I posted a picture of it on FB, lots of my friends 'liked' it, but Laura asked if I worked in the building.  I said yes and she said it was her post-it! haha.  We thought it was so funny that after all these years we worked in the same building.  We have been hanging out since, and she was even a volunteer at the Driving Jacks 5K this past April.  She had originally planned to run the 5K, but she found out that she was pregnant and didn't want to hurt herself.  I kept it a secret and asked her to be a volunteer at the 5K so she could still come.  Isn't it funny how God uses small things to bring people together? 

So at the shower we had lots of yummy food, played a ton of games (for prizes!), and opened gifts.  I have never played so many games at a shower!  We played a name that baby food game, a diaper candy bar game (yuck!), and a guess what candy goes with what pregnancy term game.  We also each had a year for baby Amelia's birthday so we could write her a letter for her to open on that year.  I got year 13, wrote a short letter, and sealed it up so both Mom and Amelia can read it together.  It was a very cute idea!

After the games we were all given a blank onesie to decorate with paint.  I wasn't sure what to draw so I googled owl images and free hand drew one on the onesie in pen and then went over it in puff paint.  I am not a very good drawer, but I think it turned out decent.  I added some polka dots and the M + L= A (Mark + Laura = Amelia) to the bottom.  When I added the polka dots everyone else at the table loved them and added them to their onesie, I started a trend!  There was a woman sitting next to me that brought her two grandkids with her and they were decorating a onesie also.  Let me tell you, a four year old and a two year old decorating with puff paint is a mess!  It was definitely a messy project. 

My sister makes these diaper wipe cases for everyone so I had her make one for me.  I sent her a picture of Amelia's future room and she found the exact fabric at Hobby Lobby to make them.  The big case is for home and the travel size case is for the diaper bag or car. I also got her a set of cute onesies from Target.
I had lots of fun at the baby shower on Saturday, and I can't wait to meet sweet baby Amelia! 

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