Jabba the Hutt

On September 13, 2014 my Jabba the Hutt passed away.  I am keeping this page up because I cannot bear to take it down.  Read about him here.

Hello, my name is Hutt…Jabba the Hutt but my peeps (my mom) calls me Jabba.  I was rescued from the Pearland Animal Shelter by my mom on January 11, 2011.  My former owner dropped me off without much information so they think I am about 7 or 8, but I don’t count my age cuz’ age is just a number baby!  I am about 26 lbs so my mom says that I have to go on a diet, but she tends to give me lots of treats and good food so it doesn’t seem to be working.  I <3 food and catnip!  My Cousin Hunter named me Jabba the Hutt because he likes Star Wars and I am really 'fluffy'.  I am sensitive about my weight!
I included lots of pictures of me so you can see how awesome I am.  I am super sociable and only get in trouble every once in awhile when I am being nosey, my mom says I have selective hearing.  My favorite toys are Mousey, Birdie, and my mom's blue shoe but even though my mom bought me lots of other toys I don’t play with much else.  Catnip always gets me talking though.  I love to have visitors over as long as they pay attention to me and scratch my ears.  I keep my schedule sort of full with napping, eating, and taking walks outside with my mom on my leash so if you want to meet me, talk to my mom and she will pencil you in.  See ya!
Dress up is my favorite! (easter pic)

Fourth of July 2011 Picture

Thanksgiving 2012 picture

Favorite way to take a nap

Me, reading my mom's cool blog.  This post was about the cool Driving Jacks 5K that she helped plan.  Driving Jacks is a designated driver service that she was in when she was in college (before she got me).  I don't like riding in cars, so I just invite my peeps over when I party.

Supporting Team USA during the 2012 London Olympics

I love to get gifts!

I really like to lay on my back and relax.

Mousey is my best friend (Mousey is a mouse filled with cat nip)

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