Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Scam City

I have been getting these calls harassing me over the past few weeks saying that I have a summons to appear in court in Brazoria County.  THIS IS A SCAM!!!

Short answer, if you get a restricted # call and they say you have a summons, it is a scam.  The number for the "law firm" they give you is 855-570-0823 (update: now the "law office" number is 832-574-2563)  but if you google it, it doesn't come up with anything (except my blog saying it is a scam).  Havel Law Firm is out of Canada and doesn't practice here or in Brazoria County.

They might change their number or "law firm" name, but it is the same people.

If I can help just one person with this blog post saying that it is a scam, then I am grateful that I can help someone not fall for it.

Let me tell you, these people call and call and call and call trying to get information out of you.  They are phishing for your information to scam you further or steal your identity. DON'T FALL FOR IT!

If you give them any other numbers, names, addresses, drivers license numbers, social security numbers, credit cards, etc, they can get you.
Steps to do if this happens to you (not an all inclusive list)
1.  Don't give them ANY information
2.  Write down the number and call the District Attorney's office (not the number they gave you) for whatever court house they say they are calling from (mine was Brazoria County).
3.  Give the DA the case number and see if it is in your name
4.  Google the law firm and see if they have been getting scammed like this
5.  Ignore the scammers when they call next-they WILL keep calling because they are low life scum trying to make money off of you.  If you keep answering, they will keep calling you. Usually they called from a restricted number.
6.  If you answer tell them what scum they are and tell them what a crummy person they are and that Jesus is watching them.

A few things regarding scammers:
1.  A law office is NOT going to call you for a court summons.
2.  Your grandchildren will NOT be calling from jail in Mexico-call the parents or their # first to see if they answer (my grandparents had this-luckily they didn't fall for it).
3.  The police will NOT say they have a warrant for your arrest-if they tell a criminal they have a warrant and the criminal knew they did something don't you think they would run and not stick around?
4.  They are scum.  They try to rationalize being scum in their head.

*I also figured out that they are using a call center for their scam. I think the "real" scammers are paying an outside call center company to be a front for them and make the actual call.  After the call center calls you and they give you the number for the law firm, you call the "real" scammers.  I *think* that if you are calling them and giving them information (even though they are phishing and pretending to be someone their not), they might get around things.  I'm not sure but I do know they are using a call center.*

This is the long story of what happened.  IF THIS HAS HAPPENED TO YOU, COMMENT BELOW TO SHARE YOUR STORY.

I got a call saying that I have a summons to appear and I asked for what.  She said "the records are sealed by the court" and that you should call Heigel (sometimes Havel, Haigel) Law Firm to get more information.

A few weeks ago I was called by a guy that was clearly reading from a script saying that he was from Harris County Police Department and I had a warrant for my arrest in my name.  I said "OK, so what is my name" and he was just confused.  I said "well, if you have a warrant for my arrest then surely you have my name"  He hung up.  My dad, who is a police officer, called and scared him.  I haven't heard from that guy again.

Then last week I get this call from a lady (forgot her name) saying that she has been trying to reach me because I have a summons to appear in court.  I instantly knew this was a scam and told her so.  This girl was GOOD and made me think maybe I did something wrong and I didn't realize it.  BUT I haven't gone to Brazoria County in a LONG time and the case number was from 2017 so it was wrong.  The girl said "ma'am, I have your social security number, if i wanted to scam you, I would have done it by now" which made me think she really did have it.  I didn't ask what it was or give any indication that I cared.  I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING WRONG!

After hanging up on her (she called back multiple times) she asked me why I was being so rude.  Well, lady, it's probably because I don't like to be scammed.  Would anyone be nice during that?!

My dad called the number and figured out by the way he was talking that it was a scam.  He couldn't tell him if it was a criminal or civil case.  He also wanted my number, my address, etc. NOPE!  Stop phishing.  Earlier my dad had called Brazoria County and they said that that isn't even their case number.  So when my dad told them that the "lawyer" on the phone said "oh well, it hasn't been filed yet".  So why would I have a COURT DOCUMENT summoning me to appear when it hasn't been filed yet?  LOLOLOLOL.

I thought it was done but then a JADE THOMAS called and said the same thing.  Here we  go again.  I told her that Jesus was watching her and she got so upset.  Perhaps Jade doesn't understand that her job is a scam but now that I have told her, she should know.  I told her how the case number was wrong and how we called the law firm.  She didn't believe it. I really hope she does her own research and quits her job.  She has all of the victims they are harassing and can do a good thing to bring scammers to justice.  COME ON JADE THOMAS- DO THE RIGHT THING.

I also called the Brazoria County DA's office and they also said it was a scam. Honestly, if I did something, I want to take care of it.  But scammers are scum and need to get a real job.