Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tragedy in the North Pole

As you know from this post, my work hosts a holiday door decorating contests each year in each department. Our door is a reindeer theme this year (see it here) and I love it!  I was talking about the other doors over Thanksgiving dinner with my family and I  mentioned my favorite so far (besides ours) was the Human Resources door.

The Human Resources door is Santa Clause in a hot tub and bits of Frosty the Snowman are floating in the water (carrot nose, pipe, hat, etc).  The sign says 'Who's bright idea was it to invite Frosty?'  Then Santa says, 'HR, they wanted to include everyone.'  So cute!  So as I was talking about the doors over Thanksgiving when my uncle said it would be cute to have Frosty's Wife and Kids standing on the street corner with a 'missing' poster looking for him all sad.  I suggested it at work today and everyone loved it.  Off to Hobby Lobby I go!

First, I added dark blue paper to the door and penciled a silhouette of Ms. Frosty and the kids grouped together.  I cut it out and taped it to the door.

Then I added the letters to the top of the door that said "Help Find Frosty!"

Here is a closeup of the letters that we used.  The red are snowflakes and blue are little snowmen.

Then I added accessories like a purse, carrot noses, hats, buttons, arms, a bow, eyes, and the 'missing' sign.

Here is a picture of her Coach Purse that she carries.  Mrs. Frosty is sooooo stylish. :)

Frosty's daughter has a talk bubble right by her head that says 'Please help find my Daddy'.

Here is a closeup of the "Missing" Sign that I made.  I wanted to add a phone number to call, but I wasn't sure what to put.  800-555-SNOW?  haha.
Then I added these snowflakes to the blue paper in the background.  They look cute, but they are a pain in the rear trying to get them off the page.  I ripped so many of them because I just didn't have the patience to lift every single branch of the snowflakes.  It was annoying.  I think they are scrap-booking snowflakes that I was supposed to have used tweezers with, but that didn't happen.

Finished door!  Not bad for coming up with it in one day.

My work has a company intranet so we also added this news bulletin to the front page so everyone will know the HORROR that is going on in the North Pole. :)  I am also planning on passing out flyers and putting them up in the kitchen tomorrow! LOL.

Headline:  Shocking News from the North Pole

FROSTY THE SNOWMAN has gone missing from the North Pole.  His wife and children were seen today on the side of the road holding a missing persons sign. 
FROSTY was last seen by his wife when he left for the annual North Pole Christmas Party put on by the Human Resources Department.  Fox News questioned several characters that attended the party including SANTA and RUDOLPH but none will discuss what happened at the Human Resources Holiday After Party.  Apparently what happens in the North Pole, stays in the North Pole.
Police say that all puddles will be thoroughly investigated and if you come across one please notify them immediately.
The Accounting and IT Departments have posted the missing persons sign for all to see.  Please go to the 12th floor to take a flyer.
If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of FROSTY THE SNOWMAN, please contact his wife at their home.
Fox News will keep you updated on any developments relating to this tragedy.

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