Friday, September 23, 2011

Toughest 10K

On Saturday I did my first ever 10K, The Toughest 10K Kemah in fact!  I had only ever ran that far once before (the weekend before) and I was nervous!  I can do it though!

The race is called the Toughest 10K because it is over the Kemah bridge twice (four times completely).

My aunt Laura came, her friend Kim, and my cousin Richard all did the race also.

The race started promptly at 7:30 so we were off!  I felt good and was keeping up with the crowd (the back of the crowd, but the crowd!) and even did great on my first hump of the bridge.  I finished one side of the bridge and was going underneath it to make it to the other side when this guy passed me.  It was the #1 runner that was on his second lap!  Whoo hoo!  I had just finished one side and had 3 more to go and he had only 1 left.  Good for him. 

I didn’t let him defeat me though, I kept going!  I was headed down my second side of the bridge when I saw my family (they were walking the entire race).    I waved to them and kept going. 

On about 4 to 4.5 I started loosing steam.  I drank some Gatorade but I was still getting tired so I ate some Jelly Belly Energy jelly beans and they really helped.  I had tried that Gu stuff before but never the jelly beans.  My aunt had bought them for me before the race and I was so thankful for them then!

I finished my last side of the bridge and ran the last mile to the finish line.  Whew I was tired, but I finished at 1:22.1!!!!!!  I think that’s pretty good for me never running a 5K and it being the toughest 10K in Texas.  At the end of the race they gave me a medal for finishing!  It is my first ever race bling! Isn’t it beautiful!

I wasn’t sure how long my family would take to finish so I went to the restroom (lots of Gatorade and water goes right through me), got some oranges, pretzels, and a water bottle and went the finish line to watch my family finish.

I sat there and didn’t see them so I got up, got a popsicle and hten went back to wait.  It was about 15 minutes til the 2 hour time limit so I texted my aunt ot see where they were.  Surely if they were done they would see my text and come find me at Starbucks.  They didn’t text me back so I thought they must still be on the course.

Well, it was 1 hour 57 minutes when I saw them down the street, I yelled to them to hurry up so you can get an official stop time and a medal for finishing.  My cousin ran to the finish line fast before I could get out my camera.

Here is my aunt running to the finish.


Kim running to the finish.

All three of them did end up finishing under the 2 hour time frame and got medals also.  Kim was the last one to finish and as they were putting the medal around her neck she asked “Are you giving this to me because I’m last?” the volunteer said, “No, everyone gets them”. Kim:  “Oh.” LOL, I love that! So funny.

They said that the last mile was really, really stressful since the chase police car was right on them inching their way up closer to them as they tried to finish, pushing them along.  Oh well, at least they finished!

Oh, and as a side note, the winner finished a 6K in the time it takes me to do a 5K.  BOO! Time for me to work on my speediness I guess.

That’s the story of my first ever 10k!!!!!  Hope you enjoyed it.

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