Friday, November 9, 2012

Off early

I love Friday's!  Today I am getting off at 4 pm (instead of 5) to travel to Dallas for a wedding.  My friends from SFA Chelsea and Matt are getting married this weekend!

My plane leaves around 7:30 pm from IAH.  Did you know that the flights from Dallas to Houston are only $70?  Score!  The flight is only an hour long vs a four ++ hour drive and I would spend the same amount of money on gas anyway.  I am flying with Spirit Airlines, and I am a bit worried about their baggage policies.  Apparently you have to pay for carry-on's and can only have one personal item per person.  I managed to stuff everything into my old college backpack (yes, I still have it) and I measured it and it falls into their measurement requirements.  Hopefully (fingers crossed) that they let me on without having to pay the $35 each way fee for a carry-on.  Wish me luck!

While I am in Dallas I am staying at my friend Clarissa's house.  I also plan on completing a long run this weekend of 16 miles on Saturday (10 on Sunday) since I won't be able to run with my group this weekend.  Wearing heels to the wedding will NOT feel good after running that much.  Ouch! :)

My friend Aly is staying at my apartment to watch Jabba.  Hopefully they have lots of fun this weekend also!

Busy weekend!  See y'all later!


  1. YAY!!!! I'm mentioned on your blog again!

    1. Haha. Your are like a Flamingos and Fun Celebrity! Feel famous yet?! Maybe I should make a celebrity page.