Friday, November 16, 2012

Client Appreciation Night

Last night I attended a client appreciation night event at the Downtown Aquarium that was sponsored by the company that takes care of all of our licenses and business registrations.

My friend Tonya from work also was going so we carpooled together.  The party was on the 3rd floor of the aquarium in a private party area.  The room next to us was the Delta Zeta formal event, all the college age kids were dressed in formals when we were dressed in business attire. Oh well.  Some people at our event were more dressed up though, I was just wearing my new black pants and a work polo.

We checked in at the front table and got our name tags and a raffle ticket.  Once we got inside we noticed that they were serving free drinks at the open bar.  Tonya got wine and I got an orange juice, grenadine, and vodka cocktail (so yummy!).

After we got our drinks and found a table we made our way to the food.  There were five table stations set up, roast beef, fish, make your own pasta, cheese/crackers/fruit, and dessert.  I got fish, pasta, cheese, and dessert.  The shrimp in the pasta was not cooked all the way it seemed, so I didn't eat all of it.    The desserts were amazing!  I had several different options to choose from but I got a mini canoli thing and a puff pastry that I split with Tonya.

They started calling out the winners of the raffle tickets and a guy at our table won a Kindle.  I overheard him say that he would give it away as a gift or sell it on eBay.  Later in the night they called my  number and I won a $50 Visa Giftcard!!  When I got back to the table I asked the guy if he wanted to trade.  I already have a Nook but I had decided earlier that if I won something I would give it to the Driving Jacks 5K that is coming up again soon so they can raffle it off.  I told the guy what I was going to do with it if I won and he traded with me!  Yay!!  I texted my friend Matt to make sure they would want it as a doorprize item and he said of course they would.  So, if you are going to attend the 2013 Driving Jacks 5K, you will get a chance to win a free Kindle!  We stayed a little longer in hopes that Tonya would win a doorprize, but she didn't. :/

When we were walking out they were handing out blue satin bags with chocolate in them.  (Sorry, I couldn't get the picture to rotate!)

I had lots of fun and I am so glad I won a doorprize!  I love winning doorprizes.  Thank you CT Corporation for inviting us to your event!

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