Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It could happen

For grins I am going to tell you what I would do if I won the lottery tonight.  No one needs to tell me that the odds of winning are Gazillion to One because I really don’t care.  Let me live in a fantasy world for a few hours with my millions. :)  I did buy a $2 for the estimated $500 Million jackpot which is estimated to be $375 million with the cash option.  It might be a waste of $2, but let’s face it, I spend that money on useless things anyway so why not spend it on something that makes me smile for a few hours?  It’s fun to dream what you would do with it.  Even if I did win, my luck would be that I would have to split it with 10 people, which would be ok because I think it would be hard to spend that much money in your lifetime (especially with the Mayan calendar deadline coming up. Hahahahahaha).

So what would I do with it?  This is what I would do (in no particular order):
-Give 10% to my church (New Hope in Pearland) even though I am not sure how they would feel about getting gambling money.  If I win I will ask them first before giving them millions. :)
-Give money to Driving Jacks so they could continue to operate
-Put 40% in savings for taxes-I honestly have no idea what my tax rate would be so 40% sounds right
-Buy a house-I am not sure what part of Houston I would live in though.  Would it be close to my family, close to work, or in a cool part of town?  I would want someplace with land so I can add a running trail to it around the property and a big pool for everyone to swim at.  I don’t need a super big house, just an average size with three or four bedrooms-No million $$ plus home for me.
-Remodel said house to my specifications .
-Buy a flamingo yard ornament :)
-Hire a maid because if you know me, you know that I am the least domestic person out there.  They wouldn’t be a live in made though because that’s weird!
-Hire a personal trainer
-Pay off my student loans
-Travel and work on completing my Bucket List
-Set up a trust for my nephews
-Buy a leather couch-I am thinking of buying this soon anyway because my couch attracts Jabba’s hair like it wants to grow it’s own.  New couch!
-Buy a vacation home-Not sure where I would buy it though.  My aunt has a house in Honduras so I wouldn’t buy one there since I can go whenever.  I liked Costa Rica but I want to see different places.   Suggestions on my gazillion in one chance winning lotto ticket vacation home would be appreciated.  Leave it in the comment section. ;)

I think the problem would arise though that people would be coming out of the woodworks asking for money.  I think it would be super hard for a single person to meet someone that loves them, not their money.  That would be hard.  Hopefully you can claim your prize anonymously and not tell anyone so that you could live in peace.  If you aren’t extravagant in your spending you might be able to hide it from people.  I heard that in some states you can claim it anonymously, but I am not sure if Texas is one of those states or if the Powerball falls into that category.

It’s fun to dream!  What would you spend it on?


  1. Don't make me go all "Dave Ramsey" on you! ;) Lottery is a "tax on the poor & people who can't do math!" I heard the statistic that you are 10x more likely to die in a 1 mile car ride on the way to buy the ticket than you are to win the lottery. It looks like you survived that trip, so I guess half the battle is won!

    All that being said, I would definitely be one of those woodworks characters... Haha. Throw a little my way, sista!

    1. Haha. I know it is a tax on the poor but I figured it's $2 and I play once a year or when the jackpot is super high. I am not one of those people to buy more than one ticket because you are only going to win on one ticket, not 20. If God wants you to win then he will give you the right numbers on your one $2 ticket. :)