Monday, November 12, 2012

Wedding Weekend

This weekend I traveled to Dallas to my friends Chelsea and Matt's wedding.  Honestly, this was the fanciest wedding I have ever attended.  I loved it!  So much fun also!!!

Like I said in the last post, I had gotten off work early to get to the airport for my flight to Dallas.  I got there around 6 pm (I stopped to go shopping) and found out my flight had been delayed until at least midnight (long story, I will post what happened later...but DON'T attempt to fly Spirit Airlines out of Houston) and I decided to get a refund and drive.  I stopped to get something to eat before the flight and went to my parents house to charge my phone but then I decided to just stay the night there and leave in the morning.  I didn't want to drive home because it was 45 minutes away and my friend Aly was staying over to babysit catsit Jabba.

I got up the next morning with the intent to run my 16 miles...but that didn't happen!  When do my plans ever turn out the way I planned them?  I hung out with my sister and nephew Cole for a bit, then I got dressed and drove to Dallas.  It was supposed to take 4 hours, but it only took 3 so I went to Central Market and got some food for breakfast on Sunday and also a wedding card to give to the bride and groom.

At the church when Chelsea was walking down the aisle I got choked up, she was just a beautiful bride!  I cry at weddings even if I don't know the person very well, but it really was a honest cry this time! LOL.  After the ceremony we went to a country club for the reception.  We got there was wine and beer, plus cheese, crackers, and fruit while we waited for the bride and groom.  It was a sit down dinner so we had assigned seats, I was at table 19 with the other 'fun and young' people (Chelsea's words, not mine!).

I found my place card and set my stuff down.  BTW, the bacon thing in the picture below was AMAZING! (I had three of them).    After we sat down for dinner we watched the bridal party be introduced, then the parents, then the bride and groom.   Chelsea and Matt did a choreographed dance, then a father/daughter, mother/son dance, and then the dance floor was open to all of us.
Let me tell you a story about me and one of the guests who we shall call Super Cute Guy.  Back in the fall of 2004 I was a brand new SFA Lumberjack, and that semester I had my first hospitality class (Intro to Hospitality, Dr. Herman).  On my first day of class, in walks this super cute guy and I thought to myself "Wow, he's really cute."  Later that semester we were assigned to a group project together.  The project was something about starting a hotel and marketing it, I don't remember all the details but we had shirts made!  Anyway, during the course of that project I had the biggest crush on that super cute guy (who will remain nameless on my blog).  The semester ended and I haven't seen him since.  Well, technically we are Facebook friends but we don't talk or anything.  So, to my surprise, who after 8 years walked into the wedding?  Super cute guy!!!  And let me tell you, he is still a very super cute guy. ;)  Chelsea and Clarissa both new who he was and that I had a crush on him years ago, so they went up to him and told him to ask me to dance.  I did not know what they were doing at the time, I found out later, and was super embarrassed (what is this, middle school?! haha).  He was going to ask me to dance, but then the girl who he came with had to leave so he went with her, so we never danced or even talked.  Maybe in another 8 years we will reconnect, though I don't think we have any other mutual friends.  I honestly don't think he remembered or recognized me though since I have changed so much and lost weight.  I was super awkward back in 2004.  
 It was sweet for Chelsea and Clarissa to try and hook me up with him though. :)

Photo booth time!!  I soooooo want one of these at my future wedding.  Whoever is my future husband:  take note and add it to the wedding budget.

Chelsea and Matt cut the cake but managed not to shove it in each others faces. Too bad, I love cake fights! :)

Me and the beautiful bride!  I never got a picture with the both of them.

One of  my best friends Clarissa was a bridesmaid.  I stayed at Clarissa's house this weekend.  Thank you Clarissa!

By the end of the night we were all worn out from the busy day, but I am sure none of us ran around like Chelsea did.  Right before they left she just plopped down on the floor and took her shoes off!

I had a fantastic time at the wedding, I made some new friends and saw some old ones.  It was a very fun night!  Congrats to Chelsea and Matt.  You guys sure do know how to party! I look forward to hearing about all the success you two have as a couple for many, many years to come! :)

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