Monday, March 7, 2016

Who will you be waiting for?

Have you ever thought of who will be waiting for you when you get to Heaven?  Your family members?  Your friends?  Your mentors? 

I heard this phrase the other day, “who will YOU be waiting for”?  Who have you mentored in life or led to Christ that will one day be in Heaven?  Isn’t that a neat thought?  Can you just imagine that the people you have poured into will one day sing praise to Jesus with you in Heaven?

We always think about the people who have done so much for us but really, we need to think about what we can do for others.  It just gives me chills thinking about it.  Jesus had a life of servitude towards others and called us to do it too.  It shouldn’t be “what can you do for me” it SHOULD be “what can I do to help you”.

Even if someone goes to Heaven before you, wouldn’t it be cool to know that you played a hand in helping them get there?  I mean, they did the legwork (along with Jesus), but you played a part.  Who will you be rooting on from Heaven?  I want to be at those gates greeting people all the time!  I wonder if they have a bell or a paging service that when someone you knows is coming up, you greet them! 

When you get up there will you hear “Well done, good and faithful servant” or will you hear something else?  

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Creating “Wins” Daily

Yesterday I asked the question, “How is your life different today than it was the same day last week.”  Personally, I couldn’t answer in the positive because I hadn’t made any significant changes for the better from week to week.  I came up with a personal challenge today while at lunch that will help me to meet my goals for the next year.  I figured if I get so many “wins” per week I would be that much closer to my goals.

First, we need to write our 5 year vision.  What do you want your life to look at spiritually, with your family, professionally, personal development, physical health, financial and socially/community?

Below are the areas in my life that I am going to try to “win” at daily, which in turn will help me “win” monthly and yearly.  I made some suggestions for myself on what a “win” in each category would be, but I can always add more “wins” as they happen.  Feel free to add some suggested “wins” if you can think of some. :)

Let me know if you decide to do this!  I would love a Life “Wins” Running Buddy to help me stay accountable!!  We need to give ourselves more credit for what we DO do, instead of ONLY beating ourselves up over what we don’t do.  Or letting ourselves slack over things we shouldn’t slack at.

Multiple wins can be done per category per day. 
Each month I want to track how many “wins” I get and then try to increase it.  Maybe give myself a reward each quarter?  Like maybe XX-XX wins equal X prize for me. 
Write down your “wins” each day so you can go back and remember them on “bad days” when you need a little encouragement.
Spiritual Life
Go to church
Having a quiet time
Pray at every meal
Pray at night before I go to sleep
Invite someone to church
Pray with someone
Pray for someone
Go to a Bible study
Thank God for all the blessings as you see them
Volunteer at church or church event

Family Life
Talk to a family member
Spend time with a family member (quality time-no phone or TV!)

Professional Life
Get 5 New Leads a Day
Place 2 bookings on calendar a day
Sell $100
Have a party
Listen to the Million $ Message
Say business daily affirmations
Add someone to my team

Personal Development
Read 1 chapter of a personal development book
Listen to a training/motivational/sermon while getting dressed
Listen to a training/motivational/sermon while commuting to work/errands
Say personal daily affirmations
Read my 5 year life vision
Post a positive message on social media to inspire others
Say NO when someone tries to gossip to you
Slap my wrist when I try to gossip about someone (stop yourself before saying it)

Physical Health
Workout at Curves
Walk 1 Mile (1 “win” for each mile)
Get 10,000 steps on my fitbit
Eating a lean protein
Have a salad with an oil/vinegar dressing-no white stuff
Have a broth based soup before  a meal (or as a meal)
Bringing my lunch to work (healthy, no leftovers)
Walk the dog around the block
Do 30 minutes of exercise (non-Curves)
Resist something bad to eat
Lose 1 lb
Fit into the clothing size below
Sign up for a race or other physical challenge that you would need to train for

Financial Health
Bringing my lunch to work (homemade-not leftovers)
Saving $100 each week (1 “win” for each $100)
Earn and extra $30 (and save it)
Only 1 “cheat meal” a week

Social Life/Community Life
Seeing 1 friend in person
Talking to 1 friend
Doing a bucket list item
Doing a bucket list item with 1 or more friends
Trying something new
Sending an encouraging note to someone
Make someone smile
Do a random act of kindness
Give someone a (honest) compliment
Connect with an old friend
Have a friend workout with you
Meet a new friend while working out
Send a care package

Say “yes” to something you normally would say “no” to