Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breaking Dawn

I wasn't going to be one of 'those' people who saw Breaking Dawn on the first weekend it was out.  Honestly, I didn't want to fight the teenagers crowds to see a movie that the previous ones weren't great (good, not great).  I went to the mall today and stopped at the theater to see how busy the theater was and I was surprised to find that there weren't a million kids running around.  I went to the window and she said that so far only 10 people had bought a ticket for that showing (4 pm) and it probably wouldn't sell out. 

I was going to buy a water at the concession stand, but the icee's were calling my name and the small bottles of water were $5!  $5 for a small bottle of water?  Ridiculous!  

Everyone said that the movie was wonderful and the best out of all of them, but I just thought it was ok.  The ending did surprise me a bit but other than that I knew what was coming.  Breaking Dawn was my favorite book out of the series so I knew what would happen, except I did forget who J. Jenkins was and the role he played in the story. The movie seemed to go on forever.  Everyone kept saying that it didn't seem like two hours, but it absolutely did feel that way to me. 

After the movie I went to get my hair cut and went home to pack up my apartment for the big move on the first. I dislike moving and packing very much.

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