Friday, November 30, 2012

Work Christmas Tree

I am not one to decorate my house for Christmas because I am way to lazy to take it down at the end of December.  Last year, my flamingo Christmas tree stayed up until February when I moved. That is sad.  I know so people go all out replacing bedspreads, pictures, shower curtains, etc throughout their house.  That's way to much work for me and no one ever comes over to my house anyway.

At work though I love to decorate for Christmas!  I love it when companies go all out making the lobby beautiful and each area filled with holiday cheer.  In addition to our two doors on our floor (See our Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Door and our Frosty the Snowman Door) we decorated a Christmas tree and our palm tree.

Here is the palm tree right in front of my desk that I decorated with multi-colored lights.  Everyone seems to love it when they walk by and comment on it. 

This is our main Christmas tree on our floor (the main floor has a separate one). I was able to purchase new ornaments for the tree because last years ornaments were horrible!  Seriously.  I opened the box in the supply room and it literally was filled with feathers, doves, and butterflies. Aren't butterflies cocooning or something in the winter time?  They don't belong on a Christmas tree.  I also found glass ornaments with dollar and cent signs puff glitter painted on them and also enlarged dollar bills that had hooks on them like ornaments.  I immediately threw them in the trash.  No bueno on Stephanie's tree.  I know we are in the Accounting Department but that is just horrible. 

There is lights on the tree, but I didn't like them when they were lite up on the tree. I bought LED lights but I bought the larger ones and they look funny so I didn't turn them on. 

When I decorate a tree I always start with the ribbon and go from there.  I like the ribbon to wrap around the tree, no vertical like some people like.  Just my preference.  I choose this maroon ribbon and went with maroon and gold ornaments to complete the tree.  My old work had those colors on their tree and I didn't like them at first, but I have grown to love the two colors together.  It's Christmasy but not overwhelming.

These are some of the ornaments that we bought for the tree.

                                               I love these bulbs and also the frosted berries.

                            More ornaments!  I love all of the different ornaments that we picked.

Of course you have to wrap presents for under the tree!  The tree needed more gold so I bought gold wrapping paper and mixed different ribbon on each box.

What does your Christmas tree look like? 

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