Saturday, April 30, 2016

Escape the Room Houston

For my friend Savannah’s birthday a group of us went to Escape the Room Houston and tried escaping the “Rec Room”.   They have 3 rooms total (Rec Room, The Apartment, and Mission Control) and are building a few more soon.  Savannah chose the Rec Room because the she had already done the Apartment and the Mission Control was booked (or so it was too science-y??). 

Anyway, the Rec Room was basically an 80’s themed basement type area and all the clues were pertaining to the 80’s.  There were padlocks on the wall and you had to figure out what clues led to what answer with the combination.  I don’t want to give away much more just in case you decide to do it, but there is more to it than just padlocks.  You can use your cell phone for the clues but no pictures.

We did not make it out.  We were stuck on the last clue and we almost had it but we didn’t make it in time.  One of the girls in the group thought about the answer but thought “Nah, that wouldn’t be it”.  So ALWAYS just trust yourself to say even the silliest of things you think are the answers because in our case, it was the right answer.

We lost.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Vegan Cupcakes

I have a bit of a sweet tooth.  I can resist cookies and a lot of other deserts but anything having to do with cake or cupcakes, all will power goes out the window.  Luckily they make vegan cupcakes at Sprinkles!!

The strawberry ones are what I REALLY wanted…oh how I love strawberry anything!

 BUT, they weren’t vegan so I got Red Velvet.  Normally I don’t like red velvet, but this one was surprisingly good.  I am going to try and bake some vegan goodies soon!  Look!  They even have a little V and everything!  The icing was sooooooo good.  I think I like icing more than the cake part. :)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Best sandwich ever!

 So I didn’t mention that on April 1st I adopted a plant based, whole foods diet.  I watched the documentary Forks over Knives on Netflix and was hooked.  I watched it a few years ago and was intrigued, but I couldn’t see myself giving up cheese.  I heart cheese way too much to give it up.

Or so I thought. I made the decision on Saturday and started (with a little cheating) on Monday but went “all out” on April 1st.  I will admit that my sister, bro-in-law and his aunt are all doing it too so I am not completely alone.

I did a few things that have helped me stay more focused.  I downloaded vegan podcasts, followed vegan people on Instagram, meal plan and bought a monthly meal plan to Meal Mentor.   Meal prepping/planning is the key, especially if you commute 2 hours each day to and from work.  If I wake up late (which is actually happening less now that I have more energy) I do not want to make something before I go to work, I like to grab and go.  I can eat breakfast at my desk and just stick the rest of my food in the fridge until lunch or snack time.  If I don’t have something prepared I just go out to eat, which I can 100% make food choices that fit in the diet but they don’t always fit in the budget.

One of the times I went out was to Leibman’s.  it is a local deli and fine foods/gifts store that I have loved for a while.  They have the best dips and I always go there to pick something up when I go to a party.  Now, I have to find another dip that works because I used to get caviar and cream cheese dip that everyone loved! 

Anyway, the deli has 3 vegetarian options that can be made vegan/plant based by tweaking it.  I made the sandwich at home have eaten it all week.

I used Dave’s Killer Bread, arugula, thinly sliced tomato, thinly sliced cucumber, walnuts (for crunch), avocado, onion sprouts and balsamic vinegar.  SO GOOD!!!  You can make this sandwich even if you aren’t plant based; I know I would have loved it if I wasn’t plant based.

(BTW, sorry, I took pictures with my phone as I was making the sandwich for work...hence the tupperware container)

Sunshine Crunch Sandwich

Add the arugula (I have fallen in love with a green)

Add the cucumber

Add the tomato

Add chopped walnuts

Add thinly sliced avocado

Add the sprouts.

Add the balsamic vinegar when you are ready to eat it.  I like to cut mine into triangles.