Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jabba's 1 year Angel Birthday

Today marks one year that my dear baby boy went to Heaven to hang out with Jesus.  I am a little sad (OK, a lot!) but I know that he is having fun, eating a lot of catnip treats (without calories!), and hanging out on clouds.  It’s not fair to be sad when Angel birthdays are a good thing for those that get them, only us on Earth are sad.  I can celebrate with him in spirit though.

I am planning on going to my sister’s house on Sunday (Jabba is buried there) and bring cupcakes (for me and my nephews) and catnip treats for him and my sister’s cats.  Who doesn’t love a good party or a good cupcake?! 

I have been sad all year about him and other things that have happened to me but it is time for me to step out and be all that God created me to be.  I can’t live a small life anymore, I am destined for greatness.  I can choose to live in the past, future or my present.  I am going to live in the future.  Today I will release what has happened over the last few years and press on.  I think God knew that I would need some time to process what all has happened over the past few years (that hasn’t all made it to this blog) and has been preparing and clearing a path for me.

So, this weekend in honor of Jabba’s 1st Angel birthday, will YOU please join me in stepping out of your comfort zone and being the person God wants you to be?  When you take control of your life and be who you are destined to be, God will bring you to places you never thought possible.  I’m excited for the journey!  You have no right to live small when you are meant for more.

 I can’t wait for Jabba to greet me at those gates (along with Jesus, my grandfather and many others I have and will lose before I get there) and jump in my arms to celebrate me living my life to the fullest.  We only get ONE life on this Earth.  Do you want to be sad and mope about what has happened to you or would you rather leap abundantly into your future that God created before you were born?  The choice is yours to make.

Happy Angel Birthday, Jabba!!! See you in Heaven.