Friday, February 12, 2016

What I've Been Up to Lately Vol. 10

I'm not really sure what # this is, but we'll just pretend it's #10.  I have written several blog posts so you will see them over the next few days! :)

Here we go:

Turned in some Buddy Bucks at HEB
Because we are in the Terrible 2's and throw tantrums when they can't get Buddy Bucks when we see the machine.  

Had my Wonton Soup stolen
Thieves are still thieves even when they are super cute.  

Went to a Rocket’s Game 
They won!

Found out it was time.  I didn't find out who they were talking about though. :)

Had a Mary Kay party with a really cute helper

Received my 2016 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo badge
Special Children's Committee!

Hung out with Cinderella

Blew up a Volcano

With this mad scientist
I love the googles on him!  His hair was super wild when he took them off.  He had put them on his head (like a mad scientist) while his hair was wet.  

Fell in love with this little camper!  
I haven't seen a camper you can pull with your car!  #roadtrip

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Roatan, Honduras Take 3

On December 30th I flew to Roatan, Honduras for the New Year’s weekend. I had never been out of the country on a holiday before so I was excited to see how other countries celebrate.  (technically I was in Venezuela over the 4th of July but they do not celebrate the US’s holiday over there so I wasn’t going to count that).
You walk on the tarmac at this airport!
My Aunt Tracy and Aunt Laura both greeted me at the airport with a Monkey La La at the airport bar.  We went straight to the West End section of the island to pick up my uncles and my cousin.  We just hung out the rest of the day and evening.  It is sooooo relaxing there!

The next day my uncle took my snorkeling.  I FREAK OUT snorkeling in Roatan because the water is so clear that you think fish are 4 feet away but they can really be 15+ feet away.  BUT, you don’t realize that in your head and you freak out. At least that’s what I do.  My aunt’s house has a long dock on it that has great snorkeling around it but you have to swim through turtle grass to get to it.  I know it’s irrational but it freaks me out. 
We also took the boat out one day
Anyway, to fix my fear he made me hold on to a pink water noodle and he stayed with me the entire time.  I did freak out a little but not as much as I did the last time when I almost killed my aunt while snorkeling with her.  Needless to say, my entire family doesn’t go anywhere near me while snorkeling so it was quite a pleasant surprise when my uncle helped me. :)  My Uncle Roger always took care of us when we were little though so I shouldn’t have been surprised.   Thanks Uncle Rog!

That night we went to a restaurant in the West End called the Blue Marlin for their New Year’s Eve celebration.  I haven’t had so much fun on NYE before.  I am forever spoiled by Roatan.  The Blue Marlin had a steak and lobster dinner with champagne, fireworks and dancing…all for $40!  I usually spend between $100-$200 on NYE (depending on what I am doing) so $40 is awesome.  The food was awesome, the fireworks were bright, and the dancing was fun!  I can’t even begin to explain how awesome it was.  When I got sick of dancing (I only like to dance to songs I know) I would sit by the water and just listen to the waves crashing.  So peaceful on one hand but exciting from the music behind me.
I spent a lot of time reading in these hammocks!
The next day my aunt had invited several of her friends from the island over for lunch.  I was on my tablet when I saw a message on Facebook from my sister.  I couldn’t open it for some reason so I figured I would just wait until I could turn my phone’s wi-fi on.  I figured it was just a note asking if I was having fun.  A few hours later I was able to turn it on and saw that she had sent me a note saying that my dad had been having chest pains and was about to go in for surgery.  He had had a heart attack several years ago so this wasn’t the first time.  In the days leading up to it he had what he though was heart burn but since it continued for 3 days straight, they decided to go to the hospital.  It turns out that one of his stints had come loose and he needed it repaired.

I was a crying/sobbing mess that I couldn’t get anyone on the phone and I couldn’t get there.  There is one flight back to Houston a day and it left at 2 pm.  I didn’t have time to make it to the airport on time, even if there had been space.  I was able to get ahold of my sister and then my step-mom and they assured me that he was fine.  They had asked the doctor if they needed me to fly back right away but the doctor said he was ok and would be fine to wait until I got home.  I talked to him that afternoon and felt much better about being so far away.  It is so hard being that far away and pretty much helpless because you can’t catch a flight back.  People were starting to get to the house for lunch so I went upstairs after I talked to him to regroup.  Both my aunt and uncle came up to check on me and see how I was doing.  They’re awesome.

After a while I felt ok enough to go downstairs and be with people.  Sometimes you just need a few minutes by yourself after you get bad news.  We all ate lunch (including cabbage for money and peas for good luck) and then played games well into the night.  I brought the Bean Boozled game from Jelly Belly with me and it was a huge hit!  We all took turns spinning the wheel and eating good or bad jelly beans.  Some of the were really bad! :)  We all also played Cards Against Humanity which is hilarious!  I had played a few times before but I especially got into it for this game.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing on the beach or dock.  My aunt took me and her friend Jackie to this abandoned resort on the east side of the island.  It is still kept up really nice but no one goes there anymore.  There are guards at the front gate but if you ask nicely they will let you take a peak.  We stayed at the dock for about an hour just talking. 

My Uncle Roger and Aunt Laura left Sunday afternoon and we left Monday afternoon.  I did get a chance to take a picture of this little fish that we think was protecting its eggs.  All of the snorkelers on the dock were complaining this little grey fish was biting them when they were getting on/off the ladder.  On the other side of the platform I saw a post that had a hole in it (that really needs repairing btw) and a little grey fish just swimming by it and chasing all of the other fish away.  I asked and they think it probably had laid its eggs in there and that’s why it was being so protective.  I couldn’t really get a good picture, but you can still sort of see.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

My (reputable) Food Truck Experience

I have always (well, since they became popular) wanted to go to a gourmet food truck and try it.  I don’t ever seem them on the side of the road or parked anywhere so I haven’t gotten a chance.  

People say that they are all over, but I haven’t had the opportunity to go.  After my sad experience at a food truck festival this summer, I decided I didn’t want to go to a festival, I would only go to a parked one.

My dad and stepmom, Pie asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  I am actually trying to de-clutter my life so I told them they could pick something on my bucket list and do it with me.  I would much rather have experiences than things any day, so that is a perfect gift for me!  They picked “eat at a (reputable) food truck”.

In Spring, there is a food truck park called Bernie’s Backyard.  I had heard about it several times but never been, so we went there.  We each got different items and we all split everything to share.  There are lots of tables outside where you can sit, but it was a rather cold (for Houston) night so we went inside the bar area where they serve drinks and got a table.  On certain nights they even have a band!

I got a frito pie philly cheese steak and mac and cheese wedges from The Naked Fry.

Dad got pizza from Rustica.

Pie got a Korean cheese sandwich and OMG fries from Oh My Gogi.  OMG, the OMG fries were AMAZING!

Everything was delicious!  Dad and Pie’s favorite was the pizza but mine was the OMG fries for sure!  We were all so full by the time we left.  It was a very fun treat to spend time with my family. :)

On the way home they got chicken tenders from Love Me Tenders for Justin since he was asleep when we left.  They said they were really good tenders but I didn't try them since I was so stuffed.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Soap Making Class

A few weeks ago I was browsing Groupon and I found a goat’s milk soap making class and I quickly signed up!  Oh wait, did I mention this was a Bucket List item???!!!!

The class was at Proverbs Farm in Alvin, TX with a very sweet woman named Tammy.

Anyway, I got to the location in Alvin but I wasn’t sure if I was in the correct place.  Does anyone else’s phone GPS take you to some weird locations?  The place was a residential building and I didn’t see any goats around.  Well, I called and it was the right place, it was just behind her home that she has her studio.  She showed me the studio while we waited for the others to get there. 

Once everyone was there we went to look at the goats.  There were even some baby goats that had been born that morning and still had the umbilical cord attached.  We were able to hold them and pet them if we wanted to.

After we got our baby goat fix, we went into the studio were we made soap!  She used to make goat milk cheese to sell at farmer’s markets, but she had recently stopped doing that.  BUT, she did have some for us to try and it was soooooo good.  She showed us the proper measurements for lye and the other ingredients.  Since lye is such a harsh chemical, she did that part herself and we added the ingredients.  One thing I found interesting was she added ice to the mixture to cool the lye down, instead of waiting for it to cool to the correct temperature.  Pretty cool short cut.

We were able to pick our color, our fragrance and our add-ins that we wanted. 

I picked glitter (duh!), pink color, poppy seeds for exfoliating, and a fragrance called “Love Potion” that smelled really good.

We made sure to measure everything properly and have the right tools (gloves and eye masks) when working.

We got to take our soap home with us.  It just needed to harden for about a week before we used it.  

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from the folks (ummm..OK, it's just me) behind!!!!

I will be leaving on a roadtrip to Marfa, TX to hunt for the mysterious lights and then flying out to Roatan, Honduras for New Year's Eve through the weekend.  I'm excited, I've never spent a holiday outside of the USA before!!

I want to leave with you 4 images of Christmas.

A Christmas future. This is the most important thing of all

 A Christmas past (Jabba looked like a Scrooge here...but he wasn't).  This set of pictures are probably my all time favorites of him.

 A CHRISTmas present.  Keep the Christ in Christmas this year.

And just for fun..

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happenings Lately-Holiday Edition

What I have been up to lately...Holiday Edition!

I made a chalk drawings with my mom and Kali in my parents back yard. :)

I attempted (along with lots of others) to break a Guinness World Record by reading to the most kids in a 24 hour period with Read Across the Globe.  Unfortunately, we didn't beat the record.  But I will say that the book we read was great!  I was like "who wants to read a book about farming?" (sorry, I'm a city girl) but once I read it I wanted to buy it for my children's book collection.  Check it out!

I sat in the live studio audience of Great Day Houston!

We decorated the Christmas tree and Kali decided that we needed 4 of the same ornaments on one branch.  It was too cute to move so we left it there. :)

 We built a gingerbread house and a certain 2 year old ate most of the decorations...

I took a 2 year old to the Woodland's Mall to see Santa and then to the playground inside.  She didn't want to leave.

I attended the FANTASTIC Christmas musical experience called Celebration at Houston's First Baptist Church with my friend Terrie, her mom (below) and granddaughter, Lila.  I bought the tickets back in November when they went on sale.  I actually went twice this year, once with Terrie and co. and the other with my Grandmother.  The show is amazing!

I bought a Christmas ornament with my niece and nephews name on it!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Happenings

Once again...bad blogger about writing blog posts.  Here it is Christmas and I am just now writing about Thanksgiving. :/  #naughtylist

Over thanksgiving weekend I stayed at my parents’ house and hung out with my family.  On thanksgiving we did what we usually do, invite everyone over for food and we heat the pool for the kids to swim.  I had volunteered to help Downtown at the GRB to serve food to the homeless and less fortunate people of Houston.

City Wide Club hosted over 20,000 people this year for Thanksgiving at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  I helped out in the women’s clothing department helping find clothes they would want.  We organized everything by size and the women would come to the table and choose items.  Some of the clothes were really nice but some had holes in it.  There were a few teenagers that needed clothes.  There weren’t many options so we helped them shop.  We would go over the table to see what a teenager would want and then hold it up.  One of the girls I could tell if she didn’t like something, she would just shake her head yes (because she thought she had to take it but she didn’t have to) but when we found something she loved her face would LIGHT UP.  It was really fun to watch.  I liked helping people find clothes that they liked, not necessarily what was only available in their size.  I know that some kids get embarrassed with their clothes, but I tried to make sure they liked what they got!

Afterwards I went to my parents for Thanksgiving.  Everyone had already eaten but the time I got there (about 1:30) so I just sat outside and talked to everyone while they watched the kids in the pool.  It's a tradition that my parents heat the pool for Thanksgiving and Easter.  

I knew I would be late since I would be volunteering, so I told my parents to have everyone eat without me. Then we got out the sales ads and starting mapping out our plan of attack. :)

That night my sister and I went shopping (yes, we are THOSE people who shopped on Thanksgiving Day).  We hit up Palais Royal, Wal-Mart, Target and Kohl’s.  We had a scratch off for Palais Royal that we held up to the light and figured that we would get  $10 free.  While we were shopping there I went to the jewelry counter and there was an extra add sitting on the cabinet so I grabbed it.  It was worth $20 when I held it up to the light.  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought some items with the $20 and Laura got something for our mom with the $10 one.  I had wanted some present bow Christmas earrings but couldn’t find them anywhere.  As luck would have it, I found them at Palais Royal and used my coupon.  I got two notebooks and my earrings for $26 ($6 after my $20 coupon).  Success.

We went to Kohl’s next with the $15 in Kohl’s Bucks for every $50 you spend. We are getting my mom a SURPRISE so I can’t say but it was on sale for $119 everywhere (you can probably figure it out).  My younger sister, Tori, gets a 20% discount at her work but we decided that the Kohl’s Bucks was worth it instead.  Plus I bought an extra SURPRISE items for myself so plus a present for Kali making we get $75 in Kohl’s bucks!  I have already spent it on a pair of yoga pants, three wall organizers, and a snowman scarf (that I have received a surprisingly lot of compliments on).

That was my Thanksgiving, how was yours?!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Feast of Saint Thomas

There is an old Swiss Tradition on the night of December 21st that is called the Feast of Saint Thomas.  I first heard about this on a Hallmark movie, Let it Snow.  I first watched the movie at the end of November or early December and I just KNEW I wanted to do it.  It might be silly, but whatever. :)

I forgot about it until Sunday afternoon when I was watching other Hallmark movies and then I remembered!  I actually thought I had missed it, but luckily, once I checked the date online, it was the next night.  Phew. It’s too late to do it this year, but all you single ladies out there put it on your calendar to do next year on December 21st! ;)

How to Dream About Your Future Husband on the Feast of St. Thomas:
1. Climb into bed using a step-stool 
2. Remove your shoes
3.  Spin around 3 times
4. Throw the shoes at your bedroom door
5. Sleep with your head at the foot of the bed while your feet are propped up on a pillow
Follow all of these instructions and you will dream of the man you are destined to marry.

How did it turn out for me?  Well, I did it exactly like the directions said and fell asleep.  I woke up several times throughout the night, trying to remember if I dreamed of my ‘future husband’ but I always went right back to sleep.  One time I did dream of someone and I remember thinking “that is not someone I would normally be attracted to, but it’s supposed to be true”.  LOL.  We were holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes in the dream, so who knows. Haha.

Only time would tell.  I honestly don’t remember what he looked like other than I think he had dark hair.  It was just a fun thing to do. :) 

Let me know if it works for you.  I posted it on FB yesterday and I think several people were going to do it. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Back to Reality-Last Day In Las Vegas

Last day in Vegas (and last post about it!!!).  We had to get back to reality sometime I guess. :/  The guys left at like midnight in a rush and we woke up early about 5 am.  I wanted to try to be out the door by 7 am so we could get on the road to be back by 2:30 pm for Amber’s flight.  We had to stop at Starbucks (of course), get souvenirs, and check out of the hotel before dropping Clarissa off at the airport. We stopped at the Las Vegas sign to take pictures on the way to the airport. 
There are several pictures of the three of us, but I think they are on Amber's phone.  Elvis took them!
After we dropped Clarissa off, me and Amber headed to hunt for aliens in Area 51!  The drive from Las Vegas is about 2.5 hours and so pretty!  You are surrounded by mountain ranges on either side of the road.  

We stopped at a tiny gas station to get gas and beef jerky before we didn’t have any more places to stop.  The map that we used told us that at a certain spot we will not have cell service and there isn’t any more gas stations.  Right after we turned into the Extraterrestrial Highway (yes, that is the actual state approved named-look it up on Google Maps), we saw this sign…

And about a ½ mile after is the Alien Research Center.  The Center was closed but we were able to take pictures outside of it.

We kept following the map and saw a long dirt/gravel road to our left after a while.  The map said that you travel down this road for 20 miles and you will get to the front gate.  We weren’t sure if it was the right road or not (it wasn’t marked) so we turned around and figured we could just wait until we could ask at the diner called Little AleInn in Rachel, NV.  We got to the diner and took pictures!!

There is an area where you can buy alien themed souvenirs.  Can you guess what I bought?? LOL.

The lady in the store was really rude.  It was like she was annoyed with tourists…but she works at a tourist location!  Come on now.  We took pictures, bought some souvenirs and left.  There was a lady outside who was MUCH more helpful (super sweet actually) and said that there was a road about 1.7 miles from the shop that will take us to the back gate where we could take pictures but not go past a certain point.  Off we went!

We travelled down about 10 miles on the dirt road and hit a paved road for another mile or so.  The girl at the counter said (rather rudely) “You better make sure you have a spare or you will have to walk all the way back.”  We had one and were kind of worried about it since we had to catch our flights, but the girl that was outside said that we wouldn’t have a problem and the road was well maintained.  It was well maintained with no potholes but I can see why some people would get flat tires.  We sure had LOTS of rocks hit the back of the car.  Good thing we had damage waiver!!!

We got to the gate and saw the no trespassing signs and the guard gate.  There wasn’t anyone at the guard gate, but there were cameras everywhere!

We jumped back in the car and headed home with no incident!  Thank goodness.  I just wanted to mention how awesome the art is at the Las Vegas airport.  I had to ride the tram in between terminals and saw a set of art that was so awesome.  What made it even awesomer (is that a word?!) was that it was created by kids!  They take a bunch of smaller transportation pictures and create on large one.  So cool!

These butterflies were floating above the escalators.  I think they were in the shape of a butterfly, but I couldn’t tell from my angle.

These airplanes were telling you which direction the escalators were going.

These clay animals were coming out of the concrete.