Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Help

I just finished the book, the Help and it was wonderful!  If you have not read it yet, I suggest you hightail it to Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy.  When I was reading the book I was struck by how awful people were treated back then.  I just wanted to educate these people about some things! 

I went on Saturday afternoon to the AMC in Houston for the 12:45 show.  I had finished my Kingwood 5K, went home, took a shower, cleaned a bit, and left for the show. 

For a 1 pm movie it was really crowded. 

  I still hadn’t gotten my full appetite back from the race (is that just me or do other people not feel like eating right after a race?) so I just brought some trail mix that I got in my race packet and munched on it. Shhhh….don’t tell anyone that I brought food in with me.  I am a rebel!

The movie:

I really liked it.  Of course, as with any book then turned movie combo that I read I always love the book more, but it was still really good.  They combined some parts of the movie to make the movie more seamless.  I loved how they actually made the movie funny! The book had a few funny parts, but the movie made me laugh at several parts.  They really made the book come alive.  I didn’t really like how they made the part with Constantine different. I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone, so that’s all I have to say.  I also didn’t like that they took out mostly all of the Skeeter/Stuart story line.

The Cast:

Ms. Hilly-She was kind of disgraceful.  In the book she was a nightmare, but in the movie she was really bad.  I had pictured her more graceful and evil behind your back.  She was evil in front of your face!  The pie part with her squishing it in between her teeth and smacking was really gross!

Skeeter-I love Emma Stone as an actress anyway, but I really think she nailed the character of Skeeter.  The attempt at frizzy hair was bad though, they could have done better.

Celia Foote-I loved her character in the book; she seemed like such an outcast.  Secretly I wanted Skeeter and Celia to take over the club or start a new one and all the other outsiders of the town unite against Hilly Hollbrook!  That didn’t happen though. :/  In the movie she just seemed dumb and way to giggly.  Annoying!

Abileen-Nailed it!  What a great actress she is.  I loved the end when she is made to retire, her emotions were right on!

Minny-Love her in the movie.  In the book she seemed loud and obnoxious, but Octavia Spencer really brings her alive.

Stuart-I don’t know who I would have wanted to play him, but I didn’t like him.  I just pictured someone else I guess.  I wish they wouldn’t have cut out so much of his storyline, but I understand for time sake they had to.

Skeeter’s Mom-LOVE HER!  She is the perfect mom character.  Nag, Nag, Nag.

Elizabeth-I think she captured Elizabeth really well.  Especially when she was ignoring her children.

Constantine-I didn’t picture her so old and frail!  When they were retelling her part of the story I felt so sorry for her when she was serving people the food and kept dropping it.  In the book I don’t remember her being so old.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lake Houston 5K/10K

Last Saturday I did the Lake Houston 5K in Kingwood, TX.  I have lived in Houston most of my life and I don’t believe that I knew where Lake Houston was and that it was in Kingwood.  Silly me.

Anyway, I woke up at 5:15 am to my alarm clock named Jabba the Hutt.  He wakes me every morning at 5:15 so he can be fed…I created a monster.  I got out of bed and threw on my running outfit that I was going to wear that day, grabbed my water bottle, keys, wallet, IPod, and breakfast.

I wasn’t sure how long the drive was so I made my breakfast to go.  It was a wheat tortilla with peanut butter, bananas, and chia seeds.  Yummy!

Lake Houston is about an hour drive from my house so I had to book it if I wanted to be on time.  My friend Armando was running the race with me also so I met him there.  You might remember Armando from the Outriggers 5KWe both got there right on time and I got our numbers, timing chips, and swag bags. 

I knew I would be really sweaty and gross so we took a few pics of the finish line before the race. LOL.

And their off!  My pony tail was swinging and I was doing the princess wave.

At the beginning of every race I try and choose someone to beat.  Now, I am a very slow runner so I pick people anyone could take on.  My Outriggers 5K I took on a pregnant lady (really pregnant, as in about to pop), and this race I took on an old lady. 

I kept seeing her ahead of me and said to myself, ‘Really, you are going to let a 60+ year old lady beat you?’  I didn’t catch up to her to mile 1.3, but at least I did.  Actually to be fair I didn’t really notice her til about mile .75 mile and it didn’t take that long to catch up with her.  About mile 2.25 she passed me for a sec and I said ‘Oh, hell no’ and picked up the pace.  Mile 2.5 she was there again.  Ugh! Didn’t she know I am slow!  That’s ok, I picked it up again and finished a head of her.  I didn’t see her again til the free stuff area so I don’t know how much longer she took to finish.  We are just going to pretend I beat her by a mile….

After the race was over I met up with Armando and chilled out til we found the results that were posted.  Armando finished 3rd in his age group!  WHOO HOO!!!  We had to stay for awards so we did.  This is Armando with his medal!!  Go Armando!  I will be getting a medal one day.

Got home and look at all the free swag I got at the race.  In addition to this pile I got a popsicle, banana, Gatorade, and a bottle muscle milk.

The awesome sponsors gave us all this stuff:
-Tote bag, t-shirt, two koozies, eye glass cleaner, eye glass hand wipe thing, Bio Freeze (pain reliever gel), Band-Aids and holder, first aid kit, Mary Kay sample eye shadow, Nutri-Grain granola bar, My Fit Foods trail mix, pen, water bottle, orange, fruit strip sample, free meal from My Fit Foods, wrist I.D. hand sanitizer, sewing kit (??), and balance wrist bracelet.  Lots of cool stuff.  I used the trail mix at the movies later in the day. 

Guess what?  I beat my personal record again!!!!  My official time was 36.13 min which was only a small increase again, but I still beat it.  I WILL one day place and receive a medal in my age group. 

All in all the race was great!  I wish my family and friends could have come, but having my running buddy Armando drive in from Lufkin was awesome.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What’s a girl gonna do?

Sometimes, even though you are eating healthy….you just need a cupcake!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Getting Hot Plan

So everyone knows that I have been trying to lose weight for awhile.  Every since I had a breast reduction in December of 2009 I have been trying to eat healthy and stay active.  I have lost about 30-35 lbs since December of 2009 and I can’t seem to lose more!  Ugh! 

I have decided on a plan of attack to lose even more weight and “Get Hot”.  I am calling it my “Getting Hot Plan” or GHP. These are things that I have read about on other blogs and through books.   I plan on doing these things throughout the end of the year (while working on my other list) so I can be super hot, hot, hot! Hopefully I can get to my goal weight of 135 by then!

I don’t want to add anything about calorie intake because I know that with the increase in activity I will be hungry!  I know I need to take into account my exercise calories but I don’t want to overeat and overcompensate for them.

Here is a detailed out line of my Getting Hot Plan:
1.  Run 4X per week (at least 3 miles during week and 6+ on weekends).  This is one to prepare myself for my ½ marathon in December. 
2.  Do 30 Day Shred for 1 month straight (this is also part of my 30 Under 30 list)-Jillian Michaels is one bad mama jamma and I hurt after her DVD’s.
3.  Read Skinny Bitch-I’ve read several reviews of this book and I want to check it out.
4.  Watch Food Inc.-This is a movie on the food industry and I’ve heard it makes you not want to eat anything ever again that isn’t organic.
5.  Do Insanity (one full cycle)-‘cuz it just looks crazy!  We will see how it goes.
6.  Watch Food Inc.-This video is supposed to be about how the food industry works and I am intrigued.
7.  Do P90X (one full cycle)-‘cuz everyone else has done it and so can I (or just at least give it a shot)
8.  Run at least 2 races per month (5K’s can count towards #1)-Also to help prepare me for #9 and beyond.
9.  Run ½ marathon in December-Part of my 30 under 30 list and one of my goals I never thought I could do-but I now know I can-I am woman, hear me roar!
10.  Remain somewhat vegetarian-Sometimes a girl just needs a steak so I am not going to say never again!
11.  Eat no/less process foods-self explanatory
12.  Post pics/updates at least once per month-So ya’ll can keep this girl motivated and accountable!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The time I had a breast reduction

I feel it is important to put my story out there for everyone to read because I know that I feared what will happen during and after my surgery and I want every woman out there thinking of having one done to know what happened.  Before my surgery I couldn't find stories about breast reductions, so here you go! :)  Surgery is a scary thing, but I am thankful that I was able to get one done and that it turned out great.  Talk to your doctor about the risks involved since this is only my experience and there are different risks for different ages. I went through a plastic surgeon, but be sure to research the doctors in your area before having it done (and don't just choose one because they are the cheapest!  Insurance covered mine and if you go through the proper procedures yours might as well-at the time we had Blue Cross Blue Shield). 

In December of 2009 I had a breast reduction.  The doctor removed 4 lbs total from my breasts.  I lost 4 lbs instantly!  Actually, not really but it sounds great, LOL. 

Before picture (in October 2009):

Recent picture (May 2011):

See the difference?  They were gigantic weren’t they? haha.

The reason I am telling you this is because it was the one thing that got me really moving on my weight loss journey.   Sure, I had joined Curves before and worked out there but I always felt in the back of my mind that it wouldn’t matter and that no matter how hard I worked out my huge boobs would still be there.  They always held me back.  Now that they are gone I feel free!  My back hurts less, my posture is much better, and I don’t always feel like everyone is always looking at my boobs and not me.

I used plastic surgeon Dr. Chaney in the 1960 area at T.O.P.S. hospital (Houston).  I highly recommend him. He is a great plastic surgeon, has a great sense of humor and a bedside manner, and most importantly, he is a Christian man.

The recovery:  I had the surgery the week of Christmas 2009 on Monday the 21st, the following Monday the 28th, I was back at work (moving slooooowly though).  For the first week it took so much energy to do anything!  Putting my clothes on for Christmas dinner was a chore and I felt like I needed a nap afterwards.  I gradually got my energy back to full speed and started working out again in early February.

It was a year and a half ago so my memory is fuzzy, but here is a recap:
Monday-I went into surgery early (around 7am?) and was terrified!  What if I don’t wake up, what if they look funny? What if they are uneven? LOL.  (Note:  I had only been in the hospital twice, once when I was born and once when I broke my arm and they had to put me to sleep to reset it…so I was nervous!).  I remember the nurse trying to wake me up and all I wanted to do was sleep.  They wheeled me in to my room and I heard my Mom talking somewhere.  ‘Where’s my Mom’ I said (yes, I wanted my mommy) and she was right there along with both my grandparents, my little sister Tori and my Dad Keith (my grandfather might have been there but I was on pain medication so I don’t remember much of this day).  I had to wake up to eat something and for them to check me out.  My sister texted everyone that I was ok and out of surgery (I loved those texts BTW, they made me feel special with all my friends and family praying for me!).  Then I went to sleep and my family went home.  My blood pressure was really low so they took me off the morphine to see if that’s what was causing it (it was) so I didn’t get any more morphine the rest of the time.

Tuesday-In the morning I woke up and they told me that I was doing great.  They said I could go home around lunch if I could walk around by myself.  I had a catheter in and they removed it so I could get up and about.  Both of my grandmothers hovered walked around the hospital with me while I got my strength back up.  They took me home and I went straight to bed!  It was arranged earlier that instead of staying at my house by myself while I recovered that I would stay at my parents house in my little sisters room because she had the TV (she didn’t mind).  I was sitting on the couch with my older sister Laura and had just taken my Vicodin.  Laura was sitting with me so my Mom could run some errands and I wouldn’t be left alone just in case something happened.  Laura and I were talking and my palms started to itch.  I just itched them and kept talking (I’m a talker), then the itching got worse and that’s when Laura started to notice.  She asked if I was ok and I told her that I was just itching a bit.  She called my Mom and told her I needed new medication since I was having an allergic reaction.  Go figure, I’m allergic to Vicodin! 

Wednesday-The shower day.  I remember I had to take a shower and remove the bandages to clean them.  Yuck!  I am not a fan of blood (but vampires are hot!).  TMI: The bandages were sticking to me and had blood clots (double yuck) and I almost passed out then.  Luckily my Mom was there helping me and she made me not pass out.  I had stitches that dissolve and stitches that I could see.  The surgery was an Anchor shaped scar so there are a lot of stitches.  The water in the shower was not hot (can’t really have hot water on you after the surgery) and I got out and reapplied the bandages and sports bra that Velcro’s in the front.  After I had used up my energy for the day, I fell back asleep.

Thursday-CHRISTMAS!!!  Who doesn’t love Christmas?!  My Mom had went to the store and bought me a yellow zip up sweat shirt and yoga pants so I would have something easy to put on.  I had been laying around in my flamingo pajamas and my new heart pajamas the entire week so it was time for me to get a new outfit.  I was so tired by the time I got dressed that I didn’t want to go downstairs.  My family had all come over so I wouldn’t have to go anywhere (I <3 font="" style="mso-spacerun: yes;" them=""> 
I was moving really slow but I made it.  I did go back to bed before everyone left.

Friday-Saturday-Sunday-just the same ole stuff, but getting stronger everyday.

Monday-Back to work day.  I thought I could handle the drive, but with potholes, seat belts, swerving, and holding my arms up on the steering wheel the entire time (at 10 and 2) it was not fun.  I drove from Spring to Pearland (about 45 minutes without traffic).  I got to work exhausted, hurting, and bleeding from a few stitches.  I couldn’t lift anything heavy so I just did light paperwork (which is pretty much what I do anyway but sometimes I lift heavy boxes and move them places).  Several people at work new that I had had the surgery and it was really awkward.  I felt like they were staring the entire time at how much was gone.  That first day back I held a binder up to my chest when I was walking around. LOL.  It was all in my head though I’m sure.  The next day I worked at an office that was closer to my parents house so I wouldn't have to drive that far again, then the day after that I went back to my house and was ok to drive to work.

Skip to January-stitches removal!  Stitch removal = OUCH X 50!!!!

February-fully back up to my energy levels, stitches out, and workouts begin.  I did try this ab cruncher machine that a bar goes across your chest…no smart!  After that pain had subsided I left the gym that day. Ha ha.  I started more cardio (spinning!) and light weights that didn’t involve my chest muscles. 

Scars-my scars are minimal and although you can tell they are there I don’t really notice them so much.  Where they reattached the nipple there scaring is heavy and you can see a circle scar through a light shirt.

That’s it!  That’s my breast reduction story.  Hope you had a great read.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Outriggers by the Bay 5K

A while ago I signed up for the Outriggers by the Bay 5K in Kemah TX.  We raced today and I was soooo tired at the end of it.  Two months ago at my Astros 5K I ran it with no problem, but today it was so hot and muggy that it was horrible!  I didn’t run the entire time like I did my last race, but I haven’t been running every morning like I used to.  I was doing great until the second water station where I stopped to drink.  After stopping I just felt so drained and could not focus.  I walked about 1/2 a mile after the second drink station and then started jogging again.  Would there be no end in sight?  Finally, after I took another walk break a woman that was running said "Don't stop!  You are doing so great.  Only a 1/2 mile to go."  That is the push and the mental boost I needed to run as fast as I could.

Here are some pics!

On Friday after work I picked up my race packet at On the Run in Clearlake.

I picked up my packet, and my friend Michelle’s packet.

Outriggers is an oyster bar and grill in Seabrook where the 5K was held.  My friend’s dad actually owns it! (but I didn’t see him)

The racers!  Me, Michelle and Armando

Me and Michelle (Michelle is one of my friends from high school.)

Me and Armando (Armando is one of my friends that I met in college at SFA, he lives in Lufkin, TX.  He works nights so he got off work at 3:50 am, went home and took a shower and drove straight here for the race.  That’s dedication!

I got my chip for my shoe and I’m ready to go.

At the finish line

After the race we wanted a place to sit and rest but inside Outriggers was way to crowded so we sat on the bridge.  We were tired.

My official time was:  36:27.5  which means this is MY PERSONAL RECORD FOR A 5K since I beat my last 5K (Astros-37:13.1) by .86!!  (LOL, sad that it was only that much but whatever-I still beat it!)

Not great, but I am slow!  I will build up my speed, but right now my goal is to just do a few races in preparation for my half marathon in December.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Froeberg’s Farm

 My neighbor Carol and I went to Froeberg’s Farm in Alvin, TX today.  Froebergs has been in business since the 1930’s and it is a great source of fresh fruits and veggies.  Me being a vegetarian now I need fresh fruits for all the food items I make now.  So today I got enough stuff for the week (maybe more) and also plenty of veggies to make Tortilla Veggie Soup. Froeberg’s is also a place where you can pick fresh strawberries and lots of schools go there for fieldtrips.

Picture of the front of Froeberg’s farm.

Outside there is a cute picnic area where you can get sno-cones!

I got a Strawberry Daiquiri sno-cone.

Carol got Blue Raspberry sno-cone.

Then we took pictures with a watermelon and a sno-cone.

We didn’t forget to tip the sno-cone makers for their ‘college fund’.  LOL.
I got home and these are all the great fruits and vegetables I got.  Plus my all time favorite trail mix.

My trail mix is a mix of yogurt, cranberries, almonds, . I put it in a container to keep it fresh and get a little bit each day for a snack at work!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Embarrassing myself in public

 #17 on my 30 Under 30 List is sing karaoke by myself in public.  I have done karaoke as a group and laughed the entire time and didn’t really sing, but by myself?  Yikes!  Talk about pressure! 

Did I mention that I can’t sing?  Did I mention that I make beautiful noises only Jesus loves?  No? Well, I should have mentioned and reminded that to myself before I put it on my list!  I didn’t though so everyone had to be tortured while I sang.

I had already had a few drinks in me from completing #2 on my list so I thought I was good to go.  Nope!  It was still so embarrassing.  I made sure that everyone had paid their tabs before I went onstage and we were to leave right after I sang so I wouldn’t have to look people in the eye afterwards. 

My friends are with me and they are supposed to stick by me no matter what and they would clap and sing while everyone else in the bar would be sticking their fingers in their ears trying not to hear the bad screeching sound coming from my throat into the microphone.

Anyway, what song did I sing you ask?  Well since my list is EPIC, I didn’t want to do some random Taylor Swift song.  I wanted something rememberable and timeless.  Something with meaning.  Something that totally fits me. 

Coolio-Gangsta’s Paradise is the song I choose!  LOL, remember it from the movie Dangerous Minds?  I represented yo.  Can you imagine me the whitest of white girls up there singing that song?  It was tragic. 

But WAIT!  You don’t have to imagine cuz you get a picture!  Word on the street is that there is a video of it too.  I won’t share that though.


It's Martini Time!

#2 on my 30 Under 30 list is drink at martini.  Now, I know you would think that I should have had a martini at some part in my life, but I haven’t.  So I was determined to do it before I turn the big 3-0.  Everyone suggested that I have an apple martini, or a pomegranate martini, or any other martini other than original.  But NO I said, I want a James Bond Shaken Not Stirred Martini.  The good stuff.

My friend Michelle invited us all out to go to El Palenque for a girl’s night in Spring.  El Palenque is one of my all time favorite places to go.  Of ALL TIME people!

I had the best Tortilla Soup for dinner!

I originally ordered a margarita with dinner because they are famous for their margaritas.  OK, well they are famous for their margaritas in my group of friends.

But then I remembered my list said to drink a martini, so I ordered one.  Dirty cuz’ that’s how I like it (he he).

It only had 1 olive in it (in the movies they always have multiple ones! I got jipped).

Here it goes!

And the verdict is?  Good, but I think I will stick to margaritas.  I was like drinking olive juice.  I like olives don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think unless I needed tons of salt for whatever reason that I would drink straight olive juice. 

If all the bar had was martini’s I would order one, but I would double check to see if they had margaritas first!

FYI, Martini's and Margaritas are not a good combination...I got sick!


My first ever 5K

In May I completed my first ever 5K race (where I didn’t walk the entire time).  I had heard that the Houston Astros had a 5K-Astros Race for the Pennant at the end of May where you get a free t-shirt, a baseball hat, and two free Astros game tickets with registration!  I was so there.

The date just happened to land of my birthday (May 30th).  I was so excited.  My goal was to run/jog the entire time without stopping…and I did it!  I am a very slow runner, but I still lapped all of you that were sitting at home for Memorial Day on your couch! LOL.

My official race shirt that I had made for my first 5K.  Gotta represent being a Christian!
I was #876!

One of my friends from college Krista and her family decided to do the race with me!  Ginger (Krista’s mom and my friend!), Me, Krista, and Tyler (Krista’s new husband!)

Krista and me

Me and Debbie (Debbie was my Mary Kay consultant originally then we became close friends)

My friends Erika and Oscar came out to support me for my race!  I have great friends!!

Krista running!

It’s me all hot and sweaty!

Sweaty and gross

Who doesn’t like beer when you just finished a race and are all hot and sweaty at 8:30 am?  (Raises hand…umm, me!  I don’t like beer anyway, but yuck!).

Debbie and me

Afterwards we all went out to breakfast for my birthday.  Did you know that calories don’t count on your birthday?  It’s been proven.

Happy Birthday to me!

 My official time for this race was: 37:13.1 Slow but I finished!  See you at the next race!

#22 Update-1,000 piece puzzle

A few weeks ago I got my 1,000 piece puzzle that I ordered from Amazon.  I am so excited!  I was originally going to get a flamingo puzzle, but then I decided that wouldn’t be very practical because I would never hang it anywhere.  What’s the point of working on a puzzle for a long time without actually hanging it?

So I searched Amazon for a puzzle I liked.  In college I worked for Kirkland’s and always loved this picture of a couple dancing in the rain with their maid and butler holding umbrellas to keep them from getting wet.  The picture was usually about $80 and being a poor college student I couldn’t afford it.  I always kept that picture in the back of my mind.

So, as I was searching for a puzzle guess what I found?! The picture that I always wanted!!!!!  So I ordered it and it came in the mail.  Yay!

The first night I was determined not to go to bed until I finished the border of the puzzle.

I will let y’all know when I finish the entire puzzle