Friday, July 26, 2013

If I only had a doggie door

I sort of wish I had a doggie door if I did, I imagine it to look something like this when Jabba is going through it. I have been laughing all morning thinking about it. LOL. #poorjabba #diet #crazycatlady

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


This post will be a super random compilation of things that have been going through my head over the last few days.  I am telling you now, super random. 

Random Thought #1-If someone gives you a business lead, call the lead!  Especially if they are the person who is the lead.  If you want more business, follow up and follow through.  Don’t wait for your customers to call you back or contact you.  I had someone talk about their business with me (at an event through a mutual friend) and I said I would be interested and gave them my card so they could send a proposal, three weeks later they have still yet to contact me.  Come on!  I basically just handed you business and you did nothing with it.
Random Thought #2-Elevators should have an “unpush” button.  We have 15 floors in our office building and randomly sometimes I choose the wrong button.  I would like the option of unchoosing that button please.  Elevator operators, take note of my request.  I can see how people would ‘unpush’ a button if they were rude and didn’t want to stop, but honestly, not many people would do that.
Random Thought #3-I wish I was a smooth toothpaste tube person.  I tend to squeeze the toothpaste tube randomly and it is a weird shape.  I want to be one of those people who squeeze from the bottom of the tube and the tube perfectly rolls up or has one of those devices that brings the toothpaste up
Random Thought #4-It’s HOT in Houston.  I almost melted away yesterday when I was walking back to my car from the Astros game (btw, I went to the Astros vs. Angels game last night…Astros lost).  Seriously, how am I supposed to run outside in this heat?  (side note:  I am still retired from running and my foot is still hurt, but sometimes I just want to run!).  Just walking almost does me in, I am so glad I work in a nice, air conditioned building all day.  #scorcher
Random Thought #5-Instagram ‘selfies’ make you look stupid.  I have never uploaded any picture to my Instagram account because I see what other people upload.  There is on lady (who shall remain nameless) who is all about herself.  She posts pictures of herself ALL THE TIME.  Seriously, out of 10 pictures 6 of them are of her.  RIDICILOUS!  She is a beautiful woman, but seriously, how into yourself can you be?  She is dating someone who has a lot of money and let me tell you…#golddigger.  There are others on Instagram too that take stupid pictures, but she takes the cake.  I need to delete her but it’s a train wreck and I can’t stop watching.  If you take lots of ‘selfies’ or pictures of your shoe collection or something else that ‘you’ bought, you seem materialistic and shallow.  STOP TAKING THEM!  

Random Though #6-If you are 6'3 don't get a Mini Cooper, you look stupid.  What can you do with that small of a car? You have to bend really weird to get out of the thing. #thechef (now called #theexchef)

Random Thought #7-Why don't I have big fluffy bubbles in my bathtub?  I use bubble bath but my bubbles are never as big as they write in books or show in movies.  Sigh.  Maybe I should keep looking for new bubble mixes, the perfect bubble consistency is out there waiting for me, I just know it.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Taking a Break


I will start by saying that I am truly so happy for you when you get married, dating someone new, have a baby, get engaged, buy a house, etc.  I just can’t take reading about it or hearing about it anymore.  I am 30 freaking 1 and I don’t have any of that stuff.  Yes, I have a great job that I make great money at, but I want all the other stuff.  When my friends in their early 20’s are getting engaged it makes me really sad.  Really sad.  I am so happy for them, but when will it be my turn?  Will I get a turn?  I do date and I do go out to meet guys, but it doesn’t happen for me.  Where the hell is he?!  Every time I see someone on FB have a happy moment, I truly am very happy for them, but it doesn’t make me feel good for myself.  I love seeing cute baby photos or family photos with baby daddies being good parents, but I want all that and then some.  When you walk around a public place and start counting people with babies or that are pregnant, you sort of think you lost it.

When your sisters who are 10 years younger than you start having babies, you wonder if it will ever happen for you.  Maybe I am not ready, maybe he isn’t, but seriously, what do I do to get ready!  I am tired of this.  When your parents say that you are the ‘good child’ for having a career instead of marriage, but you know that you want those things, it sort of kills you inside.  At Christmas we were walking around the neighborhood and I was pushing my nephew on his scooter thing.  We all stopped to look at something and then started walking again.  My nephew didn’t quite start going and he fell off and said ‘whoa’ (he wasn’t hurt, don’t worry) and my mother pats me on the back and says “this is why you don’t have children” and laughs.    That didn’t feel good. I know they don’t mean to make me feel bad, but it does.  

I have been trying this new thing for reading my Facebook newsfeed, but it hasn't worked very well.  If I see 3 things regarding a happy family, an engagement, a wedding, a pregnancy, etc I stop looking at Facebook for the day.  I know it sounds selfish, but it’s what I have to do not to break down and cry.  These thoughts have been in my head for awhile now, but in the last few months they have really gotten me down.  So, effective today I am going to take a break from Facebook.  I am not sure how long I will be boycotting it, but I will be uninstalling the apps and refusing to go to the website anymore.  

I will keep posting on here, but I did want to say (er, type?) my thoughts.  Apparently my blog has become my diary. :)