Monday, June 11, 2012

30 under 30 F.A.Q.

Did you finish the entire list?
No, I did not.  I finished 29 out of 30 but I am honestly ok with that.  I did not finish #11, Dance in the Rain.  When I added it to the list I had envisioned it romantic, and not just jamming in the rain and doing the stanky leg. :) So that item will not be added to my ‘bucket list’.

Do you wish you could have done one of them differently?
No, I liked how I did all of them.  A few I had to tweak (see below), but I am glad I did them the way I did.  

What are you the most proud of?
Proud?  Proud of stepping out of my comfort zone-Skydiving.  Proud of accomplishing something I worked hard on for months-Half marathon.  Proud that I actually did something for 30 days straight-30 day Shred and Being a Vegetarian for a month.   Proud of my country-Sending a care package to Iraq.  Proud of spending time with my two adorable nephews-Baking a cake from scratch.

What item cost the most?
Hmm.  Well, the most expensive ones were the limo ride ($400 plus drinks/food) and Mt. Rushmore ($350 flight and hotel, plus $100 car rental/gas, and spending money was $100-I split the hotel and car rental/gas with my friend who went with me).  

How much do you think you spent total?
Hmm.  Well this is a ROUGH estimate because I am sure I am forgetting something (plus I didn’t count if  I had travel costs or food costs not associated with it-like the keg stand I didn’t count gas getting to Nac because I was going to Homecoming anyway).  Here is the list and an estimate of what I spent.  Bull Ride-free, martini-$6?, spray tan-$50, cooking class-$65, Mt Rushmore-$550, Half marathon-$175?(including fees and shoes), 30 Day Shred-free, Bake a cake-$10?, Dolphins-$75 (plus $50 entrance fee to the park but I used that for the roller coasters, Skydive-$200, Party in New Orleans-$150 (car rental plus gas), keg stand-free, Opera-$85?, margaritas-no idea!, blind date-free, karaoke-$10 (on drinks to get me on stage!), skinny dipping-free, 5 classic films-$30 (bought them different places or borrowed), homeless-free, vegetarian-$ no idea (just regular food costs so probably none), puzzle-$130 (puzzle, frame, and glue), Old Baldy-$60 in gas?, roller coasters-$60 (entrance fee to park), crash a party-free, tire change-free, random kindness-that’s a secret!, limo-$460 (limo plus drinks and food), message in a bottle-$40 (the bottle was free-thanks Nicky! But gas was abut $40 to get to Port Aransas), care package-$150 (the stuff plus shipping).  Rough total=$2216.  Yikes!  Ummm. Wow.  That was over the course of the year though and it included some big things.

Did any of them take longer than expected?
The training for the half marathon took a few months and it seemed like the roller coasters went on forever (but it was super fun!), but other than that it none of them took an extraordinary amount of time.  The 30 Day Shred and being a vegetarian took forever it seemed because I wanted them to be done. Haha.  30 days does not create a habit for me, it makes me annoyed. :)

Did any turn out differently than expected or did you have to adjust any of them?
For the swimming with dolphins I didn’t technically swim with them, we just trained with them.  Seaworld San Antonio is not set up for swimming with them, so I had to change it.  Honestly though, if I would have had to hang on to a dolphin fin and swim I probably would have freaked out a bit.  When I put on the list about taking a homeless person to lunch or dinner thought it would be easy to ask a homeless person to meet me at McDonald’s, but I listened to my friends/family and they said to rethink that one…so I changed it to serving lunch at a homeless shelter.  Oh, I also didn’t think I would make it 30 times on a roller coaster without puking! Ha!

Which one was the most fun?
Oh, that’s hard.  30 roller coasters is exciting, Mt. Rushmore was beautiful, singing karaoke by myself was embarrassing (and really funny), doing a keg stand was hilarious, having 30 margaritas in 30 different places was intoxicating (hehe), partying in New Orleans was different, going skinny dipping was nerve-racking (like we would get caught), crashing a party and a limo ride was thrilling (stealing cake and going to scary bars!) and sending a care package (and making a new friend!) was super sweet.  All were fun.

Which one did you not have fun?
I had fun on all of them.  Some more than others (I’m sorry, but the opera is boring!) but my friends made them an awesome experience.

Are you going to do it again?
There won’t be a 31 under 31, or 40 under 40 but I do now have a bucket list.

Which ones were you the most terrified of?  Would you do them again?
Top three terrifying (before) were 1.  Half marathon.  2.  Skydiving  3.  Blind date.  Out of those three the most terrifying was skydiving!  I liked it and would recommend everyone doing it, but I will absolutely not do it again. The half marathon and blind date weren’t as bad as I had imagined.  I am actually planning on running a marathon in January!  Crazy.  In reality which were the top three most terrifying?  1.  Skydiving.  2.  30 roller coasters.  3.  Karaoke

Did you do all of them with someone?
No, several were done by myself.  Take a cooking class (but I made friends there), Finish a full cycle of the 30 day Shred (except one day when Krista was in the hotel watching me-see the keg stand post), go on a blind date (technically I wasn’t by myself-but I didn’t know him so he doesn’t count), watch 5 classic movies I haven’t seen, take a homeless person out to lunch or dinner, be a vegetarian for a month (lonely experience eating salads because you friends only want to go to a hamburger joint-just to torture you . haha), complete a 1,000 piece puzzle (which is now hanging above my fireplace), and send a care package to Iraq.  

Would you recommend someone having a 30 under 30 list?
Absolutely!  Step out of your comfort zone.  I have actually made a bucket list now (will share it soon!).  

What sort of reaction did you get when you told people about your list?
Most people want to make their own list!  I hope I was able to inspire my friends and family (and strangers on the internet-stranger danger) to accomplish things in their life that they have always wanted to do.  Some people disapproved of some items on my list like taking homeless person to lunch, crashing a party/wedding, and skinny dipping.  But you know what? It’s MY list! Butt out.  Some people even questioned me becoming a vegetarian during training for a half marathon because I wouldn’t get enough protein (btw, that is a dumb argument-go HERE for proof that being a vegetarian is not harmful to athletes or anyone).

Is there any that you wish you wouldn’t have put on the list?
No, I wish I would have thought it through a bit more (30 freakin’ roller coasters?!) but I liked the ones I added.

What’s your favorite memory?
Too many to list. :)

Any tips when making a 30 under 30 list (or any age)?
Weren’t you scared of #10 or #20?  Yes!  I did them anyway.  That’s the point of this list.  Step out of your comfort zone and take some risks.  Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.  I got to do 30 things that I have always wanted to do but never did.  I got to push myself and accomplish so much in this past year. I never would imagine that I could ever have run a half marathon…but I did it!  I trained myself and I didn’t let myself slack.  I didn’t want to look back and wish I had done more.  Make a list today no matter what age you are turning.  Set a deadline.  Oh, and make sure you think your list through REALLY hard before you publish it. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into when I made it.  Some were more difficult to accomplish than others.

And finally, is there anyone you would like to thank?
Yes!  All my friends and family who did something with me on my list.  Whether it was drinking margaritas or running half marathons I enjoyed every minute of my time with them.  Thanks to the following people (in no particular order):  Mandy, Brooklyn, Jay, Layton, Amy B. Lori, Clyde, Pie, Dad, Michelle, Katie, Kim, Lili, Erika, Oscar, Krista, Ginger, Tyler, Colleen, Brandon, Nicky, Chris R, Justin, Amanda, Lynda, Kona, Debra, Kennisha, Brandi, Carol, Lora K, Amber, Clarissa, Chris L., Hunter, Cole, Beau, Laura, Carberry, Kelly, and Maw-Maw.  I hope I didn’t forget anyone! I  went down each item in my head and remembered who I was at each one with.

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