Friday, November 11, 2011

Blind dates can be scary

#16 on my 30 under 30 list is go on a blind date.  Oh, what have I gotten myself into? 

My sister and her friend Laura K both get Schwann’s delivered to their houses bi-weekly and their new delivery guy asked them if they knew any single women about his age that they could hook him up with.  Immediately my sister thought of me and my 30 under 30 list so she called me to see if it would be ok for her to give him my number.

I immediately cringed at the idea, but said ok for the sake of The List and she gave him my number on a Friday.  That night Blind Date Guy (BDG) called me and we talked for a few minutes over the phone and planned on going out that Sunday for dinner.

Over the phone he sounded nice, though it didn’t seem like we had much in common. I still pressed on for the sake of the list.  He called me again on Sunday afternoon to make sure we still were set to go.  I almost changed my mind, but decided that my 30 under 30 list was all about me pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying things that I had never done before and a blind date was absolutely one of those things in my life that I would have never done without this list.

We agreed that since I live in the Friendswood area and he lives in the Spring area it would be best if we met at the restaurant.  We decided on Branch Water Tavern in the Heights area.

I immediately called/texted some of my friends to see if they knew what sort of restaurant it was and also what I should wear; I didn’t want to go over or under dressed.  My friend Brandi originally told me that is was a casual dining spot and I could wear jeans and a cute top.  Then she called back and said she was thinking of the wrong place and too dress up in a cute dress-no jeans.  Crap!  Good thing I started getting dressed early so I had time to change plans.  LOL. That would have been interesting.

I got there, parked, and headed inside.  I told the hostess I was waiting on someone and that I didn’t know who it was.  I explained the blind date thing and she asked if I wanted to make some sort of hand gesture if I wanted her to come over and say I had a phone call.  Too funny!  I sat down to wait for BDG to arrive.  He had apparently been at the bar having a drink with the owner so he came over and we got our table.  I ordered an iced tea and he ordered a glass of wine. I guess he was nervous also!

We looked over the menu and I decided on Shrimp wrapped in bacon over cheesy grits and an egg.  He got scallops.

We talked about what we were interested in, our families, our jobs, both of our lack of kids, our nephews, religion, books, writing, etc.  We found out that we both want to write a book one day.  I told him some of my ideas and he told me his idea for his books (Lord of the Rings sort of but different).  BDG then went on to say that he is recently divorced (as in January she left him recent) and they had been married for 10 years.  He seemed very upset about it still and sort of angry about it. I won’t go into details though to protect his privacy.  Afterwards BDG walked me to my car and said we would meet again. 

Good things:
-I got out of my comfort zone
-I tried a new restaurant
-I met an interesting person
-I found out that I love shrimp and cheesy grits!!!!

No so good Things:
-Sometimes there were lulls in the conversation
-I don’t think he is over his divorce (which isn’t final yet)
-He smokes (YUCK!)
-I don’t like blind dates

All in all I had a good time.  I am glad I got to say that I went on a blind date, but I do not want to go on another one anytime soon.

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