Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Veggie No ‘Mo

Today marks the end of my 1 month of being a VEGETARIAN!!!!!  Whoo hooo!!  I made it.  I get to mark one more off my 30 Under 30 List.

In addition to being a vegetarian for a month I wanted to learn more about the food industry and why some people choose to be vegetarian in the first place.

To do this I focused watched the movie Food Inc. and read the book Skinny Bitch. Both made me think very hard about what I have been putting in my body for the last 29 years.  So I decided for the time being to stay a semi-vegetarian.  Semi? Yes, semi. 

When I went out with friends I always felt it was a hassle to ask the waiter for special accommodations.  It was always a great conversation starter as to why I was doing it and it always led me back to the list.  So now I am being a semi vegetarian.  I am not going to worry about what it is I am eating for that one meal, because overall I am making a difference.  If I go on a date and can’t find something to eat, I won’t make a big deal out of it, I will just eat fish or something. No big deal.  I do plan on eating fish now (during the 30 days I didn’t) especially shell fish because I love shrimp, crab, and crawfish way to much to give them up completely. 

So let’s look back to what I have been eating for the past 30 days shall we?!  Yummy, Yummy, get in my Tummy!!!

Bean Nachos-OMG I love these and have to have them all the time!

Bean Burrito bowl from Bullrito’s filled with lettuce, jalapeños, cheese, beans, corn salsa, green salsa, red salsa, and pico di gaieo (sp?)

Fried Pickles and ranch dressing-one of 4 my appetizers that made a meal.

Habanera Margarita-All I can say is YUMMMMMMMYYYYY!  Can’t wait to go back to get another one.  Yes, that is an actual real fresh jalapeno sitting on top of the margarita.

Luby’s Vegetable Soup and Salad-This was day 5 because I posted it on my Facebook page.

Vegetarian sushi X’s 2-Love, Love, Love sushi!

Salad Xpress-salad bar with yummy toppings that if I wouldn’t have been a vegetarian I probably would have never tried such as chickpeas, bean sprouts, field peas, and beets.  Many other things were included on the salad like romaine lettuce (always had gotten iceberg before), tomatoes, cucumbers, black and green olives, onions, eggs, and broccoli.

Spinach quesadillas with whole wheat tortilla, steamed zucchini and squash, with corn salsa

Sweet potato, spinach, and bean enchiladas.  It was an interesting combination, but I’m not sure that I would make it again.

Stuffed Veggie Avocado-normally I would have gotten a beef stuffed avocado, but this one was oh, so good!

Veggie sandwich from Jimmy John’s with salt and vinegar chips and tea.  The sandwich was huge!

Whole Wheat Waffles with peanut butter and trail mix.

  Most importantly, who can live without water in a FLAMINGO cup?

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