Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Hunt for a Keg

Can you guess what I did this weekend?

You: Found a pot of gold? 
Me: Nope, guess again!  
You:  Saw a unicorn in a magical land?
Me:  No, but I will give you a hint…BEER!
You:   A keg stand?
Me:  Yes, you are so smart!!!!

At SFA homecoming this weekend one of my main goals besides seeing my old friends and fellow alumni was to find a keg to mark one item off my 30 under 30 list.  A keg stand you ask?  For what reason?  You do not drink beer!  I know, but you got to take one for the team list.

After the Driving Jacks Alumni Night meeting Krista, Colleen, Britney, and I were hanging out in the Driving Jacks office and we started looking for a keg so I could complete one more item. 

We had heard that there was going to be one at three different places, one at Theta Chi, one at the baseball teams party, and one at the Sammie house.  All three turned out to be complete fake-outs, getting us all excited and I was losing all hope. (Cue the sad music and a tear).

Everyone was trying to call their friends to find one for me, then Colleen suggested that we just drive to our friend Josh’s party and see if there was one there since we couldn’t get him to answer the phone. 

At this point it was close to midnight and I was super, super tired (I am an old lady people) and I still had to go back to the hotel and do the 30 Day Shred (#7 on my list).  I was beginning to think we would not find one. L

On the way to Josh’s house Colleen stopped at Amanda’s house to see if they had one.  Krista and I stayed in the car, crossing our fingers.  I saw a few cups and said “If there are cups, then there must be a keg!” but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  Colleen walked out with Amanda and did a thumps up sign, we were in! 

The next dilemma we faced was where to park.  The parking lot at the apartment complex was super tiny, hardly big enough for residents and people were double parking.  Even though we would be in there for 10 minutes tops, I made the smart decision to park elsewhere so my car would not get towed.  Krista and I found another complex about 2 blocks away, it was freezing so we decided to make a mad dash to the party.
This is our running/determined face:

Me in front of the party, so excited!:

 Amanda and Kool-Aid man educating me on how to do a keg stand.  They would make great college professors.

Here we go: 
I lasted 7 seconds the first time around (I’m not really a fan of beer…why don’t they have margarita kegs?)

Here are the two awesome gentlemen who made my first keg experience possible:

Then everyone wanted to do one, I started a trend!

And then I did another one.  It was super fun!

I did it!  Do you see the beer on my shirt?  I got sprayed!

Thank you Amanda for letting us come to your party!  I will never forget it.



  1. I think it's important to mention that you did 2 keg stands, and still completed your 30 Day Shred (without injuring yourself)!! Rock star!

  2. This is awesome !!!!! I'm so glad Amanda was having a party and had a Keg !!!!