Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The 30 Day Shred

***Again, I have been super lazy and this should have been posted waaaaaaaay back in October.  This has actually been written for the most part since then, but I just kept forgetting to upload it (my old apartment didn't have internet).

I have attempted in the past to complete the 30 day Shred in it's entirety, but I have always come up short.  I go for a few days straight, but then I miss a day and my good intentions are out the window.  So I added Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred to my list of 30 before 30.  

I of course had seen Jillian on the Biggest Loser, but it was when I saw this post from one of my favorite bloggers that I wanted to purchase the DVD and see what it was all about.  I bought my DVD copy at Wal-mart (I think it's $9), but I have seen it at Target as well (follow the link above to get it from Amazon).

So here is my 30 day run down of what happened when I decided to tackle...the Shred.

Day 1-Not so bad.  I say not so bad because I kinda cheated a few times.  OK…so I cheated a lot.  Who does she think she is making me push myself?  She’s not my Mom.   Well, OK.  I bought the DVD because she is known as “TV’s Toughest Trainer” (which she repeats several times-I get it, your tough!) and I wanted her to push me.  But while your are grunting and doing crunches you are just like leave me alone Witch! 

I am already sore…time to take a shower and get on with my day.  BTW, who in there right mind gets up early on their day off to workout with the Shred at 8 am?!  Apparently me.

Day 2-During the cardio jump rope and sections I have to hold my boobs down so they won’t fly up and cause a black eye.  Note to self: Get better sports bra.

Day 3-I brought the DVD over to my sisters house and convinced her to do the workout with me.  My nephew started to make fun of us for doing a workout video, so instead of him laughing at us when we had sweat dripping down our faces I bet him $5 that he wouldn’t be able to finish the entire DVD with us.  He took the bet and started the workout.  Bet a kid $5 and you could get him to do anything, I wouldn’t take a $5 bet anymore.  Kids are cheap.  He made it through the entire DVD without stopping, although he almost did once and I had to remind him that he was doing this for money.  Day three complete!

Day 4-I had the bright idea to go for a 3 mile run before popping the DVD.  Smart.  Smart.   Smart.  Not. Not. Not.  So tired, must go to sleep now.

Day 5-My friend Kali invited me to the Pearland Crossfit tonight to do bootcamp with her.  I have heard things about Crossfit and wasn’t sure I wanted to go, but she convinced me that I am very active now so this should be a piece of cake for me.  Yeah right, Crossfit is hard! We had to do as many sets as possible in 12 minutes of 5 pushups, 10 sit ups, and 15 squats.  I couldn’t wait to be done, so you can imagine when I got home to do my dvd I was not feeling it.  I did it though.  Crossfit Bootcamp + Plus 30 Day Shred.  Who’s tough?  This girl!

Day 6-I am so sore today from yesterday’s bootcamp.  Even squatting to pee hurts so doing lunges and jumping jacks did not make for a fun time today. I am getting stronger every day though.

Day 7-Today I noticed that my arms do not jiggle as much as they used to…they still jiggle though so let’s keep pushing on!  Or as a song goes from my favorite musical (The Great American Trailer Park Musical) goes "I am going to make like a nail, and press on.”

Day 8-I ran 8.69 miles today so needless to say that my knees were not happy when popped in the DVD for tonight’s workout.  

Day 9-"I can do this, I got this. I can do this, I got this."  That's my new mantra.  What do you think?

Day 10-Last day on Level One!  I keep trying to convince myself that I should enjoy this workout, as it is my last one on this level…but I can’t seem to care. I am so over this level.

Day 11-First day of Level Two!  I think I am ready, bring it on.  **30 minutes later-What was I thinking, can I please go back to level one?  Please!  Who ever heard of a plank jack?  

Day 12-I.   Absolutely.   Do.   Not.   Like.  Level.    Two.   Of.   The.  Shred.  Level Two is not my friend.

Day 13-I sweat a lot during this level.  Sweat dripping down into my eyes makes it hard to see when doing high kicks.  Jabba better watch out, it’s hard to hear a meow over all of the grunting and screaming that I do in this level.

Day 14-Almost halfway through.  Keep pushing!

Day 15-Ran my fastest time ever in a 5K…and shaved off 58 seconds.  I know it is because of the Shred.  Today’s workout was extra special once I realized it.  Push it!

Day 16-Level 2 is still not my friend.  Planks jacks are not my friend either.  On that note, neither are butt kicks.

Day 17-I did this tonight at 11:30 pm.  I fell asleep on the couch and woke up with a start thinking it was past midnight.  Luckily it wasn't and I was able to finish. That would have sucked to have to start all over.

Day 18-Sweat in my eyes!  Sweat in my eyes!

Day 19-Exhaustion and hunger to the max!  Why am I so hungry?  All this working out and running makes me hungry.  Running at 5 am, then the Shred at night?  I am oh so tired.

Day 20-Level 2 is done! Peace out!

Day 21- OK wait.  Level 3 includes punches, butt kicks, and jumping jacks with WEIGHTS?  No one warned me about that fact!  You should be ashamed! 

Day 22- Level 3, Day 2.  I am tired.  Can’t hold up my arms to type from all the plank moves.  Check back tomorrow, maybe I will have a witty response.

Day 23-Level 3 has knee circles in the warmup, I really missed knee circles.  Great job Jillian for bringing them back!

Day 24-I think Jabba thinks that I am a bridge that he can lay under when I do a plank move.  He doesn’t understand that I am about to collapse from the muscle strain!

Day 25-Ran 4 miles right after work, came home and did this DVD.  I rock!

Day 26- I kind of like doing the sumo squats and jump squats.  My thighs are burning though!

Day 27-The sit ups on this level will be the death of me!  I have yet to complete a ‘real’ one without using my feet and arms to gain momentum.

Day 28-Did you hear that I did a keg stand?  Well, did you know that I did my first keg stand about 20 minutes before doing day 28 of the 30 Day Shred?  Committed!

Day 29-One more day.  One more day. One more day.

Day 30-I finished!  There is no feeling like when you know you have just completed an entire month of working out and can see a visible difference.  There is also no feeling like the one when you know you don't have to do something anymore.  Yay!

Final thoughts:  I loved the Shred.  I didn't take measurements or weigh myself before/after but I know I lost weight and absolutely some inches.  Try it!

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