Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just call me tequila girl

30 Margaritas in 30 Different places?  Done and Done!  #15 on my 30 under 30 list was to have 30 margaritas in 30 different places throughout my 29th year on planet Earth. 
Besides my love of margaritas, the reason I chose this was so I could go out and meet friends, have fun, and just be more social.  I always tend to go to the same places for lunch or dinner and I wanted to branch out and try new places.  Looking back at my list they were mostly places I had been before, but  a few were different. 
What was my favorite margarita?  By far was #11 at the restaurant inside Bass Pro Shops of Pearland.  It was a jalapeno infused tequila with an actually large whole jalapeno sitting on it.   I am not sure of my least favorite though.  I heart margaritas!

Here is a list of the places I went, and the fabulous peeps I went with.
1.       Iguana Joe’s-with Erika and Oscar
2.       Alecia’s House-with Alecia, Jeff, and Ryan
3.       Floyd’s Seafood-with Strangers (it had been a looooong day at work!)
4.       El Palenque-with Mandy and Jay
5.       Los Rosas-with friends from my church group
6.       Gringo’s (Pearland)-with Kali
7.       Mamacita’s-with Carol
8.       Big Texas-with Cathy
9.       Café Adobe-with Alecia
10.   Don Julio’s-with Brandon
11.   Bass Pro Shop-with Deb-Hibernaro Lime Margarita*****By FAR my favorite
12.   Texas Roadhouse-with Lori, Clyde, and Chris
13.   Outback Steakhouse-with Colleen-Trio of margaritas
14.   Monterray’s Little Mexico-with Mandy, Jay, Carly, and Brooklyn
15.   Jalapeno Tree-with Krista-In Nacogdoches right before the pumpkin judging!
16.   Luna’s-with Lynda
17.   Zio’s-with Carol
18.   Pappasito’s-with Amy
19.   Wasabi Sushi-with Lori and Clyde-@ Clyde’s moving away from Texas party
20.   Chuy’s-with Lynda-Pomegrante Margarita
21.   Chili’s-with Lynda, Kathy, and Dawn
22.   J.R’s-with Brandon, Chris, and Justin
23.   New Orleans-with Amber
24.   Sharky’s-with strangers
25.   Yard House-with the Limo crew (see this post for an explanation)
26.   Cyclone Anaya’s-with the Limo Crew (see this post for an explanation)
27.   Next Door Bar-with the Limo Crew (see this post for an explanation)
28.   Three Sheets Bar and Grill-with the Limo Crew (see this post for an explanation)
29.   El Ranchero-with Courtney, Carberry, and Amber (the night before the DJ5K)
30.   30th Birthday Party-Dad/Pie’s house with my birthday party peeps

Here are some more pics!

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