Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Guess what number I completed on my 30 under 30 list?  #1 Baby!  Mechanical bull?  Done and done.

Let’s do this thing sucka!  I am coming for you.

How did I find a mechanical bull in Houston you ask?  Well, it was at an elementary school carnival of course.  I know, I know, It’s the last place I thought I would be riding a mechanical bull, but I digress.

My sister is the PTO President at my nephews elementary school and every year that have a carnival fundraiser in April where they make a bulk of their budget for the next year.  I had heard that there were two carnivals in Friendswood where I live that have a carnival and they make about $100K profit each (one is a fall festival, one is a spring festival).  $100k at a carnival? WTH!  My sister and I were intrigued so we were determined to go to the fall one to get ideas and figure out how in the heck they raise about $95k more than my nephews school. 

So, off we went to the Cline Elementary PTO carnival called Clinefest.  Before buying any tickets we decided to walk around and look at everything to see if we can find the differences.  The main difference is the amount of silent and live auction items and also the raffle items.  There was large raffle items (like iPod’s, fire pits, complete outdoor stereo systems) and smaller ones (scooters, fishing poles, ice cream makers, etc).  The silent auction items included a plate or platter with each child’s teachers name and grade level in a different theme with the kids name on it also.  Some of the were really cute like a picnic theme with the kids names written on a different aunt, or a popsicle theme with each child’s name a popsicle.  Super cute idea.  Other silent auction items were a family portrait session, a chance for your child to have lunch with the Chief of Police, tanning sessions, etc. 

Are you ready for the live auction items?!  A limo ride and 4 tickets to see Taylor Swift! ßI really wanted to win that one, but I think it went for $1k ++.  Your child’s opportunity to be Vice Principal for a day, your child to be in the upcoming parade as prince or princess of the parade.  A week long stay at a resort in Costa Rica.  There were three different ‘prime’ parking spots that were auctioned off for about $600 each.  Now, for me to pay $600 for a parking spot it had better be lined in gold, but you know how often you get to park in this parking spot?  THREE times a year.  Yep.  Only three.  At the Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day parties.  That’s $200 each time your happy butt gets to park there.  Crazy.

On to the bull ride:As I was walking around looking at all the stuff I wanted but couldn’t afford (sorry Taylor Swift, perhaps you could come back to the HLSR and I can pay $20 to see you) my sister came up to me and said there was a mechanical bull at the carnival.  WHAT?!

I had to see it to believe it.  Yep!  There it was all spinning around in the sun just waiting for me to ride it.  6 tickets please!

As I stood in line I had my step mom Pie to go and make sure that adults were able to ride it.  Yep? Check!  We made friends with a lady that was on the PTO at Cline and chatted with her about how they make so much money.  She was super nice and helpful and even stayed to watch me conquer the bull.

This is it.  It was finally time to ride.  I took my shoes off and mounted the bull.  When I added the mechanical bull ride to my list I had no idea where or when I would ride one, but I have always wanted to do it so this was my shot.  I had pictured myself wearing some sort of slinky cowgirl outfit and a pair of boots but I ended up wearing shorts, my Astros 5K t-shirt, and tennis shoes. (Note to self:  Look cute no matter where you are going, you never know when you will have to take pictures for a fun adventure and make a blog post about it).

Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin.  Look, I can even ride it one handed!

Do you like my bull riding form?  I trained for this.

Whoa, I’m about to fall off!

And I’m down for the count

I really don’t know how long I stayed on the bull, but it was super fun.  I was the only adult that rode it and everyone was staring at me when I got off.  Oh well!

Thanks Cline Elementary PTO for hosting Clinefest and thinking about having a mechanical bull.  I really enjoyed it.

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