Saturday, June 2, 2012

Free cake

Originally this should have been posted in mid April but it's never to late to tell a good story!  This post goes along with #25 of my 30 before 30 list.

Soooo….I crashed a party this weekend.  It was a fun Saturday night filled with limo rides and margaritas!
So you by now know that I rode in a limo and had margaritas with 7 friends on Saturday.  What I didn’t say was that crashed a party as well.  I think it was a quinceanera.  We were headed to Next Door Bar and walked in on the wrong entrance.  We walked by a group of teenagers that I thought were going to a prom dinner or something.  We had to squeeze by a really cute cake that was turquoise green and zebra cake.  The mom was giving us a dagger look from H-E Double Hockey Sticks.  I didn’t realize that we were intruding on someone’s party!  Honestly.

We sat down and Next Door used to be an old Jiffy Lube sort of place complete with holes in the ground.  They did a great job fixing it though because there was glass that you walked on and under the glass was bottles of alcohol (like Grey Goose).  Super cool.  We sat down and ordered drinks (margaritas for me!) and a little bit later we noticed that some of the teenagers were inside the bar.  Then everyone from the party started to go to the bar.  They started to show a slideshow of the b’day girl from when she was a baby until now.  So my friends told me that if I wanted to crash her party I should go watch the slide show.  So I did!  I got bored two seconds after I started to watch it and got up to go back to the table that housed my margarita.  That’s when Debra dared me to eat some of the cake.  Not being able to turn down a dare, I walked over to get some.
I have to admit, when I walked over there I sort of lost my nerve.  What if they caught me? Or said no?!  I was racking my brain to see how I could get some freakin’ cake!  IDEA!  This was my conversation with the servers cutting the cake:  Me:  Oh is there only chocolate cake? I  really only like vanilla. Servers: Yes, it was only chocolate. Me: Oh ok.  I guess I can wait til later to get some then.  Servers:  You can have some now if you want.  Me: OK!

After I got the contraband cake I ran back to my friends.  They could not believe that I just took some cake from the birthday party!  Of course I did, I said.  I was dared to!  Then I was told that to make it complete I needed to get a picture with the birthday girl. She or her family had no idea that I just crashed their party and had free cake. haha.

Done!  Easy. 

  After we got our picture our limo group hi tailed it out of there to the next bar.  Crash a party?  Done and done!

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