Monday, April 23, 2012

Orange as Jabba

Don’t be as orange as Jabba
Orange as Jabba after I got a spray tan?!  Ha ha.  I went to get a spray tan last night for #3 on my 30 under 30 list!! Whoo hoo!  Did I turn out orange?  You be the judge!
This is me the morning after at work!

 When I got off work I posted that I was going to be getting an airbrush tan and got lots of comments on FB.  My friend Brittney commented that hopefully I wouldn’t look as ORANGE as Jabba. Haha.

I went to Throwing Copper in Houston on Tuesday night for my airbrush tanning session with Samantha.  Throwing Copper uses organic materials to airbrush you and it was an easy and relaxing experience.  The session is $55 and usually lasts about 7-10 days depending on how well you follow the care directions.

I got to the studio and walked in to the tanning room.  Samantha was super sweet and told me about the process and made me feel comfortable about getting undressed in front of a stranger (I could get all the way undressed, but I decided only to my panties!).   There were four black panels on the wall with a vent that sucks up all the excess paint so you won’t breath it in.  There was two sets of foil on the floor when you stuck your feet to so the bottoms of your feet wouldn’t get tan (that would look weird!).  She had me face the back and keep my arms down.  Then she directed me on what to do like move my arms up over my head, or elbows bent, or straight out, etc.  After she finished one side she used a blow dryer to complete and set the solution.  She had me turn around and we did the front.  On my elbows and ankles she put an extra lotion like solution to keep it from getting orange in those places.  After she was done with both sides she set it with a powder.  That’s it, super easy and quick!  I think I was in and out in less than 30 minutes (probably more like 20).
She said to go home and get in comfy clothes and don’t take a shower for 6-8 hours and said I could wait to shower til in the morning, but be careful to lay an inexpensive sheet over my bed so I won’t get it on my expensive sheets (but if you do, it washes out).  She said when I take a shower to make sure that I rinse off til the water runs clear (the part that comes off is just the bronzer part, not the solution).  It seemed to take forever this morning to have it run clear, but eventually it was clear water again.  When I got to work I noticed my ankles looked a little spotty so I will be scrubbing the dicken’s out of them tonight.
That week when I took a shower my bathtub was DIRTY!  It was so gross and it was actually hard to scrub off. YUCK! 
I didn’t get any before pictures (I know, I know), but here are some from after.  This picture is from right after the tanning session when I had just gotten home. I sort of freaked out a bit because my calf is really dark and the bottom part of my leg was dark.

Would I do it again?  Not sure.  It’s still new in the process and I’m not sure how long it will take to get used to and also how it will disappear.  If it looks weird when it is fading then probably not.  Also, it is kind of expensive.  $55 per 7-10 days?  I can’t afford that!  It might be good for a special event though…we shall see.  It was a fun/interesting experience though. J

If you are interested go to to book a session today.

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