Saturday, August 6, 2011

Embarrassing myself in public

 #17 on my 30 Under 30 List is sing karaoke by myself in public.  I have done karaoke as a group and laughed the entire time and didn’t really sing, but by myself?  Yikes!  Talk about pressure! 

Did I mention that I can’t sing?  Did I mention that I make beautiful noises only Jesus loves?  No? Well, I should have mentioned and reminded that to myself before I put it on my list!  I didn’t though so everyone had to be tortured while I sang.

I had already had a few drinks in me from completing #2 on my list so I thought I was good to go.  Nope!  It was still so embarrassing.  I made sure that everyone had paid their tabs before I went onstage and we were to leave right after I sang so I wouldn’t have to look people in the eye afterwards. 

My friends are with me and they are supposed to stick by me no matter what and they would clap and sing while everyone else in the bar would be sticking their fingers in their ears trying not to hear the bad screeching sound coming from my throat into the microphone.

Anyway, what song did I sing you ask?  Well since my list is EPIC, I didn’t want to do some random Taylor Swift song.  I wanted something rememberable and timeless.  Something with meaning.  Something that totally fits me. 

Coolio-Gangsta’s Paradise is the song I choose!  LOL, remember it from the movie Dangerous Minds?  I represented yo.  Can you imagine me the whitest of white girls up there singing that song?  It was tragic. 

But WAIT!  You don’t have to imagine cuz you get a picture!  Word on the street is that there is a video of it too.  I won’t share that though.


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