Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guess Who’s UNO?!

Guess who's UNO?  This guy!

My adorable nephew Cole turned one at the end of April and we celebrated him with an UNO themed birthday party.  Happy Birthday Cole!

For the decorations my sister Laura had black table clothes on the tables and blew up UNO cards on the copier to stick on the walls and table. She also had Cole’s picture with a birthday hat on top.

We all signed an UNO picture matting for his birthday memories. I didn't get a picture of it after it was signed, but at the end it was full of happy wishes for Cole.

Of course the birthday boy wore a shirt that said UNO.

Food!  UNO is of course Spanish for one so we had a Mexican food theme.

Fruit Kabobs!  Made with the colors of the UNO cards: Red-Strawberries, Blue-Blueberries, Yellow-Pineapple, Green-Grapes.


Individual Seven Layer dip


Red sauce, Green sauce, and cheese dip. (I didn't get a picture with the lids off)

Cups!  Primary colors of course!

Cole’s throw away cake was a yellow UNO card that he smashed to bits.

Everyone else had a two tiered cake with Uno cards made of fondant.  Super cute.

Cole demolishing his UNO cake!

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