Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh the Joys of Moving

Today is the day that I move!  Boo!  I dislike moving very much so this is no fun. :/  The movers will be here any minute so this will be quick.

I got my keys yesterday around 4 pm and moved several smaller boxes to my apartment so the movers wouldn't take over 2 hours tomorrow.  Plus, I wanted Jabba to have a few of his things there before I just dropped him off in an empty apartment.  He does NOT want to move again, he keeps hiding from me. haha.  I hate having to put him in his car carrier, he always gets so scared when he gets in it and in a car.  I keep telling him I am not going to leave him somewhere but he doesn't listen. 

I dismantled my bed yesterday and Jabba was right there inspecting everything to make sure I did it correctly.  You can't see him but he is behind the mattresses.  SUCH a big help.

P.S.  Wish me luck on completing the La Porte by the Bay Half Marathon tomorrow!  I get TWO shiny, glittery medals tomorrow for completing the Texas Bridge Series.  Whoo hoo!

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