Monday, April 1, 2013

Pick My Mom for the Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Team

MEOW!!!  Hey, it’s Jabba the Hutt here!  My mom, Stephanie, loves Nuun Hydration and was super excited to hear that Nuun was sponsoring two teams for the Hood to Coast Relay this year.   Here is the down low on why you should pick my mom for your fun and exciting relay team. 

 I thought I would tell you the story of how my mom inspired me to get in shape and start running myself.  (Maybe next year you will have a cat bloggers team for Hood to Coast?  I know I am a male cat, but I would make a great, although lazy, addition to the team).


Once I was a ‘fluffy’ cat who liked to sit around on the couch all day, just a chillin’ and nappin’.

My mom started losing weight by eating healthier and running.  I would see her get up early to train and then go to races, always coming back with lots of race bling.  I was so jealous, but I still did not do anything to get myself in racing shape.

Then, one day my friend OJ came over and told me about the Hood to Coast Relay team and I immediately told my mom to apply for the team. I always check all of my other friends blogs and Facebook statuses to see what they are up too.  They are all in shape and get to do wild and crazy things because they workout, run, and drink Nuun all the time.  My Mom said that if I got off the couch, drank some Nuun for hydration, I could have some wild and crazy cat adventures too.

She thought it would be a great idea for me to join her for her training cycle; she said it might help me not be so ‘fluffy’.   While Mom went to work I ran on the treadmill and then drank lots of Cherry Limeade Nuun to rehydrate (it’s my favorite, even more than milk!).

Once I got fast enough, Mom took me outside on my leash and we ran together.  We mainly ran down the sidewalk because I get tired out easily. :/  (Note to self:  Must work on speed work and endurance).

I am hoping to work up to a "real" race soon enough, but my Mom promised to share her Hood to Coast medal with me if she gets picked! (PLEASE oh PLEASE pick her so I can share her medal...I worked hard!). :)


That’s not all folks!  Here are some reasons why you should pick my mom.

She loves Nuun.  She buys it constantly and stores it all over.  She has it in her purse, her desk drawer at  work, her gym bag, the kitchen cabinet, her overnight bag, and she is even taking it with her to Kenya for her mission trip. It was her drink of choice after the 2013 Houston Marathon.  

She loves relays-her team “Dude, Where’s My Van” did the Texas Independence Relay and she helped coordinate it.  She has run lots of races, including 6 half marathons and 1 full marathon, she knows all about races.

Sleep?  She can sleep anywhere, but can go without sleep for the team.  (OH WAIT!  Sorry, this is a pic of ME napping, silly me).

Mom also loves taking pictures-an obnoxious amount of them.  You would think that me giving her the stink eye while she is taking pictures of me would stop her, but she loves taking pictures.  

Visiting Seattle is a Bucket List item for her knock it off her list!

She loves flamingos-Not sure why this will matter to you, but she does and I thought I would just throw it out there.  She will travel with bags, blankets, and towels that are plastered with flamingos.

I am exhausted from all this relay talk, I’m going to drink some Nuun and take a nap. PICK MY MOM!!!  Meow! 

Peace, Love and NUUN-Jabba the Hutt

**I was not harmed in the making of this application** :)


If you are reading this and have no idea why what I am talking about, go here and see for yourself!  

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