Thursday, April 4, 2013

Houston Zoo on Good Friday

I had Good Friday off of work so I suggested to my sister that we take the boys to the Houston Zoo.  I had to get shots for my Africa trip, so I told her that I would meet them there.  I originally was going to only get Malaria medication, but they talked me into two shots so I was late getting to the Zoo.  My sister and the boys were in the monkey section by the time I was able to find parking.  I met them in front  of a restaurant and watched Cole while Laura and Hunter went to the restroom. 

We were playing hide and go seek behind the pole apparently.  Cole LOVES being the center of attention.

We walked around and saw tons of animal exhibits, but a lot of the animals were napping.  I guess they are used to napping around 10 am so they were not giving us a show at all! 

We went to the Africa section of the zoo and the boys played around in the huts, hid behind the masks, and played the drums.

We went to the ape habitat and I was holding Cole by the glass.  He was looking at the monkey and all of the sudden it started walking towards us, Cole clung to me right away and didn’t let go until we moved him from the glass.  Next habitat please!

The boys saw a big playground so we headed there and they played for awhile.  Once you get Cole on a slide, it is very hard to get him off of it.

The petting zoo is right next to the playground though so we eventually talked him into going over there and petting an animal.

Hunter found a gopher hole.

Cute nephews!

We went to the Macaw restaurant for lunch and we all had different things.  While I was standing in line (Laura was outside with the boys claiming our table) I noticed that the menu sign had a spelling mistake on it.  Can you find it?

Afterwards, we called it a day and headed home.  I promptly took a nap and watched a movie.  It was a great day and I am glad that we were able to go.

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