Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Posts are Coming

I am  back from Kenya (we got back Monday at 1 pm Houston time).  While I was gone I was writing down my thought and experiences so I wouldn't forget anything to tell you all.  Expect a few new blog posts over the next week or two.

In the meantime, check out these pictures.  (For more go here)

This is the 2nd biggest slum in Africa.  It is very unsafe for anyone to go there so we couldn't walk through.

Preggo Mama Lion

Beautiful Elephant!

Lion paws in the mud

At the Masai Mara Tribe village.  See those black things in the bowl?  Those are flies and they are also climbing all over the children.  It is very dirty there (more on that in another blog post)

Shopping center

Praise, Jesus, Rejoice, and Faith.  Craft project


IDP camp child who came to shake my hand.

 IDP camp kids

Susan pretending to hold her 'baby' like the women in Kenya do.  Isn't it funny the different ways of pretend?


Hugs on the last day from Juliette and Hope.

This picture describes my journey through Kenya.

More to come!

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