Thursday, April 11, 2013

Toys and Games for Kenya

Countdown to Kenya Post #3

Almost time to leave for Kenya, just a few more days!!  If you remember a few weeks ago I posted a list asking for donations of goods for my trip.  Well, my friends came through big time and donated tons of items!  Some of the items pictured are what I bought; others are what my friends donated. 

Thank you’s  go out to Jeremisha, Brandi, Krista, Kennisha, and Terrie.  They all donated items and clothes that the children will be able to use!  Jeremisha (infant and toddler sizes), Brandi (boys and girls kids sizes), and Kennisha (Junior size) all donated clothes for the kids, but I ran out of space in my luggage so another team member is bringing them for me.

Items pictured (I might be missing a few items, but I tried to make a list of everything!)
Candy Land game
Chess game
Blink game (fav card game ever!)
Hair clips (I found out later that they shave their heads so they can use these on their dolls)
Black Socks
Decorative Socks
Flashcards (multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, etc)
Pencils (tons of pencils!  I order 300 myself and my friends donated a few more)
Jump ropes
Bandanas (for three legged races)
Tracing alphabet (for a craft project I am making while there)
Sewing supplies
Various card games (like old maid and go fish)
Jacks game (or is it Jax?)
Mind puzzle (like the triangle one and the intertwined metal ones)
Rubix Cube
Playing cards
Black Scratchy craft things (you know, the ones with colors?)
Infant clothes (not pictured-thanks Jeremisha!)
All sizes of boys and girls clothes (not pictured-thanks Brandi!)
Junior sizes girls clothes (not pictured-thanks Kennisha!)
Toothbrushes (not pictured-thanks Krista and Tyler, they own a dental practice)

Thank you to everyone who donated! 

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