Saturday, April 6, 2013

Decision Made

On Wednesday night I joined a new gym.  I have been fighting joining a gym because I have a gym in my apartment complex, during my marathon training I ran too much to do anything else, and the extra $60+ per month.  However, since I have stopped training for one specific thing, I have gained about 10 lbs and it’s time to make a change.  My home DVD’s are not cutting it anymore.  I have tried to keep it off, but the lack of exercise at the level I was training at has made me gain weight again.

So, I had two options:  Join a regular gym with swimming, spinning, weights, etc or join Crossfit.

Crossfit-I went to a Crossfit class to try it out and was sort of bored.  I need tons of movement and speediness.  It. Just. Moved. So. Slow.  They have a weekly ‘get started’ class called Elements or Fundamentals or something…don’t remember the name.   However, the instructor and head trainer, Chris, was super hot and I seriously considered going back to Crossfit 1525 just to stare at him all workout. LOL.  :)  With Crossfit being incredibly boring (maybe only the first class is boring?), and it costing $140 a month (3 days a week) I decided that Crossfit was not for me at this time.

Gym-I have said before that I want to do a half ironman, and in order to do so I need to get some pool time in.  There is a gym closer to me (LA Fitness) but their pool is gross!  It is always cloudy and there are hair octopus’ floating around. Yuck!  The gym I am going to is $60 a month, which is double what I have ever paid before, but I really like it.  It has about a gazillion different classes at all different times a day that I could go to anytime.  They open early and close late, they have two pools (indoor and outdoor) that are always super clean, and it is owned by a person and not a corporation.

I am going out of town for half of April and I couldn’t justify spending $60 for the monthly fee plus $60+ for the enrollment fee.  So I emailed the manager and asked if I could pay half for the month of April and start paying the full amount in May.  Luckily he said yes and I was able to sign up right away!  Whoo hoo.

My first class was Wednesday night at the women’s facility.  There were three different classes that I wanted to try, but the 7:30 TRX class fit my schedule the best so I did that one.  The TRX class was great and I got sweaty.  We warmed up for 5-10 minutes, then rotated between cardio for 4 minutes and the TRX for 2 minutes.  I will absolutely be doing that class again.

I will let you know about the other classes I take when I try new ones.

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