Thursday, January 3, 2013

NYE 2012

Happy New Year Peeps!

I travelled to Dallas for New Year's Eve this year and I had a blast!  A few years ago I went to Dallas with Amber and Clarissa for NYE and we went bar hopping, but this year I wanted to do something fun with cocktail dresses!!!  Clarissa and I googled Dallas NYE parties and we found the FashionUnCorked party put on by the Fashion Industry Gallery,  The tickets were between $100-$125 plus the cost of a table if you wanted one ($175).  Let me tell you, the party was awesome!!  I was worried about there being a lot of older couples there, but I would say about 99.5% was people 35 and younger.  So much fun.  All you could drink premium alcoholic beverages were provided, there was a dance floor, and pictures.  It was great.

We all got dressed at Clarissa's house for the night.  We also started the evening with some champagne and other cocktails to pre-party.

Look at my fabulous shoes!!!  4" heels will be the death of me.  My feet hurt so bad by the end of the night, but they were awesome.  I was honestly terrified that I would fall down and hurt my ankle or leg and not be able to run my marathon in two weeks.  I decided not to live in fear though and rocked them all night.  Love them!

Clarissa's roommate Laura had her Dad be our designated driver so he dropped us off right in front of the building and then came back later to pick us up.  You walk in on a red carpet all fancy movie star like.  So fun.  We had some finger foods and got our drinks.  It was all you could drink premium liquor and mixers so pretty much any drink you could think up, was yours.  I haven't been drinking too much lately so I had two or three drinks the entire night (Tequilla Sunrise) then stuck to Flamingo Sunrise the rest of the night. 

Me and Chelsea!  Chelsea was the beautiful bride that I went to see in November.

This is my new friend and Clarissa's friend Laura! 


Amber and Lara

By the end of the night all of our feet hurt and we were ready for bed.  We had danced our booty's off and chatted up with some cute guys. We got home around 3 am and slept until the next morning around 11 am.  Well, they did, I was up at 9 am wishing that they would wake up because I was bored. LOL.  We had planned on going to Cracker Barrel, but that place was freakishly busy so we went to Olive Garden for hangover food instead.  I left Dallas around 3 pm and got home around 8 pm.  Jabba was happy to see me for sure!

So, again, I say to you:  Happy New Year!!!  May 2013 bring you luck, prospertiy, and love. :)

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