Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Birthday celebration

Each month my work recognizes everyone who has an anniversary or birthday that month.  Usually they give us some sort of dessert like sundaes (with sprinkles!), cobbler and ice cream, strawberry shortcake, etc.  This month was cupcakes from Oh La La in City Centre.  So good!

Before the slideshow they always make announcements that are coming up that month like new programs, new employees, etc.  Then they said they wanted to recognize an employee for doing something great recently.  At this point I was like “Who is it and what did they do?”  Then she started talking about this employee who ran a marathon over the weekend through the wind, rain, and cold.  As soon as she said marathon I knew she was talking about me.  My face got so red and they made me come in front of the room.  I was embarrassed about being in front of the room as the center of attention.  Everyone clapped and said congrats.

They gave me a gift card to Academy as congratulations for completing my marathon.  It was so sweet!  I have honestly never worked for a company that cared so much for their employees.  They do so much for us, it is unreal.  I didn’t know such a Christian company existed.  God knew what he was doing when he brought me here.  God’s timing is perfect.

After the announcements, they have a birthday slideshow telling you about each birthday employee and then say the name of the person who’s anniversary it was (my 1 year anniversary is this month). 

Just thought I would share!  Now, I need help deciding what to buy!  I was thinking of a bike trainer so I can ride my bike inside!  What would you suggest?

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