Friday, January 4, 2013

15 Miles and an Ice Bath

Last Saturday was my final long run of my marathon training season.  I technically have a 10 miler tomorrow, but 15 miles seems like a long run, but somehow 10 seems ‘easy’.  ßCrazy statement!
It was freezing on Saturday morning, but I got out of bed, ate breakfast, and then dressed in warm clothes.  Fleece lined workout pants, long sleeve tech t-shirt from my 30K, and then a long sleeve hoodie was my workout gear of choice.  ‘Twas a chilly morning indeed!  I knew I would get warm later in the run, but by mile 8 I still wasn’t warm enough to take off my jacket.  I think around mile 11 was when I finally took it off.  The run went great!  If I had to, I really could have kept going for a longer period of time.  26 miles though?  I am not sure. 
After the run I stopped at Starbucks for my last Pumpkin Latte of the Season (boo!) and a bagel with cream cheese and then headed home to take an ice bath.  Ice bath?  Yes!  This is my second ever ice bath and ouch did it hurt so good!  I made it twelve minutes then got out when the ice melted because I was so cold. Below is my version of how to take an ice bath.

Ice Bath How-To
1.        Gather all the necessary materials.  Ice,  jacket, reading material, warm drink, stop watch, and a friend
2.       Get in the bathtub, while wearing your jacket, and then turn the water on cold.  Get in the bathtub first, otherwise it’s too cold. Keep adding water until it gets past your knees/hips.
3.       Add the ice and hit start on your timer.  Try and make it at least 5 minutes but the longer the better, up to 15 minutes. (I made it to 12 and I was done) or you can wait until the ice to melt.
4.       Distract yourself while waiting for the time to complete.
a.       Read your book/magazine/cereal box
b.      Say things like ‘Whoo, it’s hot in here.  I need a fan and the A/C pronto’ or ‘The sun is so hot that I need some suntan lotion, I am burning up’ or ‘Where is that package of popsicles when I need it. It’s so hot in here’ or in your best Nelly voice ‘It’s getting hot in here, I’m going to take off all my clothes’ (but don’t proceed to take off all your clothes because you might die from hyperthermia).
c.       Imagine you are on the beach laying out in your swimsuit watching the cute surfers, maybe even build a sandcastle. 
d.      Do anything to stop yourself from thinking about the bitter freaking ice cold torture that you are enduring like a BOSS!
5.       Get out and warm yourself up, crazy person, goose bumps are not attractive.


  1. I just like that you said "10 miles seems easy." Do you remember your first 5k?? Could THAT Stephanie have ever imagined uttering such words? Oh, you have come so far, my friend!! I am so proud of you and cannot wait to see you cross the finish line!!!

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to see you next weekend. I wish I could be at the party tomorrow but I am way too sick to go anywhere besides Quiznos to get chicken soup. :/

      See you on the course somewhere. ;)