Thursday, December 20, 2012

Running Schedule 2013

As of right now I have decided to sign up for a few races for 2013 to keep my fitness level up.   I decided to wait until after my first marathon in January to decide if I like the distance or if I will stick to shorter distances like half marathons and 10K’s. By the way, I use this handy dandy website called to find all the races that I do in the Houston area. 

Chevron Houston Marathon  (duh, I’ve been talking about this for 6 months!)
Jail Break Half Marathon- I have always wanted to do this race (always as in since last year’s race) but I didn’t sign up last year because it was around the same time as another race that I signed up for but didn’t do.  I should have done this one!  Have no fear though, because my friend Aly and I are planning on running it in 2013.  They also have an option where you can run a 5K handcuffed to a partner.  I think it would be fun to be handcuffed to someone during a half marathon, but they don’t have that option.  :/  I would make sure that person is my same speed though, otherwise that might not be so fun.
Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon weekend-I have wanted to do this race for two years now, but I have not ever done it.  In the past, they have always had green glitter on the medals and I REALLY want a green glitter medal with a pelican on it. :)  They have several options that you can participate in for this race on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday they offer a Half Marathon option, and a Half Marathon relay option with two people.  On Sunday they offer a Full marathon, a Half marathon, and also a Full Marathon Relay.  My plan is to do the half marathon on Saturday and the Full Marathon Relay on Sunday with three of my friends (Aly, Debra, and Kennisha).  Our team name is Let’s ShamROCK this race!  I can’t wait to get cute shirts made that say that, I know they will be so cute!!!!  I just found a really good custom shirt vendor on Etsy that I am using for the Chevron Marathon.
Texas Independence Relay-This race is a 200 mile relay race where you get a team of 8 to 12 people, ride in vans for two days, and race your heart out!  My friend Aly is setting up a team of 12 to run the race and so far we have 3 people.  I have always wanted to do a relay race, and as a bonus I can check an item off my bucket list!  Even though we are technically doing a relay for the Seabrook Lucky Trails, this one is a different relay in terms of more people, it’s an overnight relay (including running in the dark!!), you don’t sleep, you get to know your fellow running mates really well, and it is over the course of several days. So fun!
Driving Jacks 5K-Even though I am not helping to plan this race this year, I do plan on attending!  I have to support my DJ!   I am hoping to compete in the 5K and get really fast so I can win an award!  Wish me luck. ;)

Fall Triathlon-I am going to do another triathlon.  I know, I know.  I said I would never do another one, but I am the type of person who can’t just do something once when it wasn’t fun.  I need to make sure I beat myself and keep going!  I am looking at a few different option (I won’t be doing Bridgeland again though) but I think I will be doing the Oilman in November.  It is a Half Ironman so I would need to train REALLY hard.  I might kick it down to a Olympic distance Triathlon though. Decision, decisions. :)

Those are my races so far for 2013, but they are subject to change of course.  I might add or subtract some between now and the end of 2013, but these are some that I really want to do.  See ya in 2013 at the races!

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