Monday, December 10, 2012

The Nutcracker Ballet

On Friday I fulfilled a dream of mine (and a Bucket List item) and went to the Nutcracker Ballet.  I always imagined the Nutcracker Ballet to be so elegant and fancy when I was a kid and wanted to go for years.  I asked a few friends if they wanted to go and my friend Amy said she wanted to go with me. 

We met at the Hard Rock Cafe to have dinner and cocktails before the show.  The good thing about the Hard Rock (besides cocktails) is that it is directly beside the Wortham Center so we could just walk directly there after dinner. 

Our tickets were at will call so we got in line to get them and then took pictures in front of the tree.   Amy asked me “Have you seen the ballet on TV or something before?” and I said “No, but I know there is a mouse involved”  She cracked up and posted it on Facebook. Haha.  I really had no idea what it was about!

We got some champagne (because when you mark off a fancy bucket list item you have to have champagne) and hung out for awhile while waiting for the ballet to start.  I had seen one ballet (Marie Antoinette with Nicky) before but we sat in a different section of the theater this time.  My favorite part of the first half was the Snow Queen and her snow people.  So beautiful with all of the white!  The second part was in the Sugar Plum Fairies land with all of her people showing the little girl different dance routines.  It was ok, but my favorite part was the Snow Queen from the first act.  I also thought the Nutcracker/Prince thought of himself as a pimp because he was all dancing with the Snow Queen like she was the only girl in his life, and then he was all up on the Sugar Plum Fairy like she was his everything.  Men!

During the Intermission Amy got us champagne and then she bought some Nutcrackers.  The guy that checked her out had just got done dancing in the ballet and was done for the night.  So fun!  I have no idea what part he played, but he danced!  I guess all of the workers were the ones who were people in the play because the girls hair was pulled back really tight and they had makeup on.  Then I also got to see the mouse costume up front and it is beautiful!  It looks ugly from where we were sitting (because it’s a mouse!) but close up it is so pretty.  It’s a lot of layers of this delicate looking silky fabric. 

I did like the Nutcracker, but I am not sure I would see it again anytime soon.  Maybe when I have kids I will take them one day. 

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