Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Goals Revisted

Let's review how I did on my 2012 goals that I made back in January.  Umm, so yeah.  I didn't do quite as well as I hoped I would, but I can always do better next year.  2013 is going to be awesome!!

Review of My Goals for 2012:

-Complete a marathon-Technically I will do this in 2013, but I started training in 2012. It counts!
-Complete a marathon in another state-Nope
-Run at least one race each month-and race to compete not just complete-Technically no, but I did run 10 races just not 12. :/
-Place in my age group and get an award-Still not fast enough to do that, but I did place 4th in my age group
-Run more with friends (and convince more friends/family to start running)-Yes!  I even made new friends this year
-Make new running friends and have ‘running dates’ with them!-Yep!  I met Aly this year, several other friends at work, and my running group.
-Complete a triathlon-YAY!!!  Nailed it.
-Work on speed work workouts at least once every week-Umm, so I strongly dislike track workouts
-Log every workout and post a weekly/monthly recap-Not every workout.  Ok, fine.  I didn't do this one at all. :/
-Run a 28 minute 5K (get fast lady!)-I got a new PR by 2 minutes, but just not a 28 minute 5K.  2013 is my year!
-Beat my PR for the ½ marathon-Why yes I did.  Twice. Boo Yah.
-Get 5 new race medals (I <3 bling)-Ms. Bling is my new name.  I got 9 medals this year (8 races plus one Texas Bridge Medal)

-Pay $5k down on my student loans-Yep!  and more!
-Save $5k for a house-Ummm. :/
-Have a $5k emergency fund-Ummm. :/
-Go out to eat only once per week-save more money that way-Ummm. :/
-Choose a realistic budget and stick to it-Ummm. :/

-Go on dates!  Maybe sign up for eHarmony or's skip this subject.
-No settling!  If I wouldn’t marry him, don’t waste time with him-The Chef is out of the picture

-Get Jabba down to 20 lbs-Jabba is stubborn
-Spend more time with Jabba-I have turned into an even MORE crazy cat lady this year.  I <3 him
-Leash train Jabba for more exercise-See above that says Jabba is stubborn

-Have daily quiet time-Bombed this one.

-Cook at least one new recipe each week-So I cooked a lot more, just not weekly.  I am giving myself half the alloted point for this one.  Step in the right direction.
-Blog about said recipe each week-I blogged about three recipes.  Take that!
-Create a personal cookbook of recipes to have on hand (the ones I like)-I did this!  I just don't know what I did with it.  I will look for it and get back with you all.

-See my family more often.  Go on a trip with them-I went to Honduras with my Aunt and Uncle which counts.
-Schedule more time with close friends-I hang out with friends a lot, but it's hard to measure so I would say yes!

Misc Personal
-Finish my 30 Under 30 list-5 months to go!-29 out of 30!! 
-Finish one new self improvement book a month-This is carry over to 2013
-Blog more!  Be consistent with posting-I blogged a lot this year.  I am proud of my accomplishment!

-See a new state that I have never been to (and not just ‘driving through’-see the state!)-South Dakota! 
-Run in at least a 5k in that new state-Umm, no.
-Travel out of the country (cruises do count if out of the country)--Yes!  Honduras!!

How many did I do?  I completed 15.5 out of 34 in 2012. 

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  1. 46% is definitely not a passing grade! You have lots to roll over to this year, though! That will make putting your 2013 list together much easier. :) Apparently, I need to be a better accountability partner in the financial department. 1 out of 5... ouch! ;)

    Just teasing. That was a HUGE list, woman. 15.5 ain't bad! That's 15.5 things you may have never accomplished had there not been a list of goals at all!