Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Elves Come Bearing Gifts

Have I ever mentioned how awesome my work is?    I think I have, but I will say it again.  I honestly have never worked for a company that cares so much about their employees.  For serious! :)

Between all of the perks and benefits I get (did I mention they just upped our 401K match from 6% to 8%?) to just being an awesome place to work, I am truly blessed to be working here.  Quick story about how I got this position and why I call it my God position:  Back in March 2011 I was passed up on a promotion because my supervisor didn’t want to ‘clog up the system’ and promote me because he himself couldn’t get promoted.  At my old company you get promoted based on how many of your people you have gotten promoted (plus other stuff too of course).  Then the intern left and they gave me 80% of his job but no raise or promotion.  I started heavily looking for a new position and went on several interviews during the summer/fall/winter seasons.  I almost got another position, but they ended up going with another candidate.  Either that night or after another particularly rotten day at my old work I was at crying my eyes out and said to God “When am I going to leave?  Why can’t I find anything else?”  Then, a voice in my head (God) said “Soon”.  I know it was God saying me to stay tough a few weeks longer. :)  A few weeks later I was able to interview on a Thursday morning, went back to work afterwards and also that Friday.  That Saturday I flew to Philadelphia to visit my aunt and also use my vacation time that I needed to burn so I wouldn’t lose it on my 4 year anniversary.  That Monday I got a call from m y recruiter saying that they loved me and I was the only one they interviewed.  They made me an offer (a VERY nice offer) and I told my recruiter to let me think about it.  Really I wanted to pray about it and also talk to my Mom.  I talked to my mom, prayed about it, and called my recruiter back to accept it.  You have no idea how hard it was to keep inside!  There were several people that I was friends with on FB (including one of my supervisor) that I couldn’t post it on there without the news getting out early.  I felt that I should tell my work that I was leaving instead of them finding out some other way.  I walked in the next Monday and put in my two weeks.  I had thought they would let me go early and not work two weeks, which is what usually happens, but they said I could work the two weeks out.  I didn’t want to, I wanted to go! I did stay though and left January 27th of this year and started my new position January 30th.  So, I say it’s my God job because he wanted me to have the best position for me in a fantastic Christian centered company.  He didn’t want me to settle any longer.  To God be the glory! Well, that wasn’t a quick story at all!  Sorry.
Back to the elves bringing gifts!  My work gives everyone 2 lbs of pecans as a gift for Christmas, one dark chocolate and one regular, in a fancy tin!   Kendal, our HR Assistant/Elf came with a cart to deliver them to all of us on our floor.

They came in a white shipping box with our name on it with curly ribbon!

Then you open the box with a beautiful tin that says Merry Christmas (I blocked out the name for privacy).

Yummy pecans!

We have our Christmas party this weekend and hopefully I win a door prize.  I heard last year that they give away I-Pads, $100 gift cards, Kitchen Aid Mixers (the big, fancy ones!), margarita machiens, etc.  I can't wait!!  It is at a country club and I can bring a friend with me since the Chef and I are no longer talking so my friend Debra is my hot date.  I told her she can keep whatever door prize she wins, except the i-pad. :)

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