Friday, December 14, 2012

Work Gift exchange

On Wednesday my work had a BBQ and gift exchange at lunchtime.  It was so yummy and so fun!  I usually order some sort of pasta (marathoners love carbs) for lunch but this time I switched it to BBQ.  We ordered from Gil’s BBQ off of Eldridge and everyone loved it!  Gil’s dropped it off on time and it was fresh and warm.

There was tons of BBQ!  It filled the entire back counter was filled to the ends.

The gift exchange was held after everyone’s bellies per stuffed to the brim with BBQ.  Everyone was to bring a $15 wrapped gift to exchange.  The gifts that I can remember were gift cards (Subway, Chick-Fil-A, I-Tunes, Visa, and Starbucks), Marshmallow Hot Chocolate set, wine opener set, tool kit, flash drive (? An IT person brought that!), serving set, Bath and Body works stuff, travel mug, Christmas wine glasses, a game, candles, chocolate covered pecan toffee, and everything more that I can’t remember!  I brought a popcorn and movie set (which I brought something like it last year-not creative!) and also a blanket.  Well, technically my boss Rick brought the blanket but he gave me $20 and told me to pick out something. If you remember my Black Friday experience and I mentioned that we went to Kohl’s to go shopping.  While at Kohl’s I found a really nice $50 blanket on sale for $15 and I snatched it up!  It was one of the most stolen gifts at the party so I think I made a good choice!


I put all the numbers in a snowflake tin for everyone to choose.

I made these numbers that matched the invitation that I created. 

The official rules were read and had to be referred back to several times throughout the event.  And deals made to get the thing they want.  The blanket was a hot commodity!  Everyone was saying that deals could not be made, but the rules did not state that.  It was fun watching people put the deals together and they weren’t even secretive about it!

I originally opened a nice wine bottle set, but then it got stolen from me within minutes!  The nerve!  Then I opened a set of Christmas wine glasses, but then those were stolen.  I had gifts that everyone wanted I guess.  I ended up with a Starbucks gift card that I am soooo excited about.  I already added it to my account so I can earn my Gold Card. (Take that Krista!).

At the end of the day we had tons of fun and tons of laughs!

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