Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Photo Outtakes

If you saw our family photo from yesterday you saw that Jabba decided that he didn't want any part of Christmas pictures.  No part at all.  I got one good one of him looking at the camera without a sour look on his face.  These are some outtakes of our photo shoot.  Enjoy!

These are Jabba's words, not mine! ;)

Look at this handsome cat in the mirror, oh wait, that's me!  I'm too sexy for this hat, to sexy to this hat. So sexy it hurtsssssss.  (Side note:  I sent this pic to my friend Krista and she said "Jabba is so vain.  He probably thinks Christmas is about him).

Ohhhhh, Antlers!  Let me see, let me see!  Ever since I saw Santa that one time, I've always wanted those.

Don't look at the camera, Don't look at the camera

Mom, you need to clean this sink out.  There's toothpaste in here!

This tastes good!  Who knew felt was so tasty!

Stop talking to me lady, I'm on my break!

Get my good side Mom!

Treats?  Where?  Not til I'm done with the photo shoot?  Aww man!

Mommy, I'm tired.  Can we please be done?

I'm over this.  (as he was walking off the set)

I'm done.  I need to lay down and take a nap.  Night.

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