Monday, October 15, 2012

Weird Dream Last Night

So last night I had a weird dream and I thought I would tell you about it.  I am not a dream interpreter so I have no idea what it means but if anyone does feel free to let me know!

I was apparently back in college and I was in my professors office talking about how I completely forgot that I had a Biology class this semester and what can I do to make it up?  He said it was no big deal, that it happens all the time, and that I will just get an incomplete for the semester.  Then he proceeded to flirt with me, ask me out, and give me coupons for cookies at the cookie store on campus. 

I was thinking that I didn't want an incomplete because I would have to take it over again next semester. Then I figured that I could just take it at a community college and transfer it.  I calculated all of my classes (yes, in my head-I am super smart in my dream) and figured I would have to take it that summer instead putting me graduating in August.  I didn't want to graduate in August. Oh! LOL. 

Then I left with my friend who was pregnant (I don't know) and as we were walking out the door the professor called out to us asking us out to a bar (it was like 2 pm) so we said no, and my pregnant friend said she couldn't drink because she was pregnant.

We proceeded to go to the cookie store for our free cookies with our coupons, realized they were expired, and tried to use them anyway.  We also wondered if our free cookie coupons were good for other treats that they had in the treat case, they looked better than the cookies of course. Let me tell you, this free cookie store was super crowded.  I was waiting in line for my cookie when my dream ended).

A few things here:

1.  I graduated college 5 and a 1/2 years ago.
2.  I didn't even take Biology, I took 2 semesters of Astronomy
3.  I  have had a dream several times that I forgot I had a Biology class (sometimes it is English class) and when I remembered I couldn't find the classroom.
4.  When you don't show up for 3/4 of the semester you get an F, not an incomplete (unless you drop it by the deadline).
5.  The coupons for free cookies were expired. :/ WTH Professor?  You can't give someone free coupons if they are expired!  That's just mean.
6.  It's even meaner that my dream ended right before I got my free cookie!  I have no idea if my dreaming self got a free cookie or not.  Since I try not to eat them in real life (at least while I am training for my marathon), I can't get one. :(

Like I said...WEIRD dream! 

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