Monday, October 8, 2012

Acaxu Cashew Wine

While in Honduras I bough a bottle of wine that is made on the island, the brand is called Acaxu.  Now, mind you that since I don't drink very much and I only like Moscato or Moscato de Asti wine so this purchase might seem dumb, but I don't care because who ever heard of cashew wine?  It's cool!  Take that wine and liquor stores in America (who am I kidding, I go to Kroger to buy my wine. LOL).

A few years ago I bought a cool wine holder while I was in Costa Rica that holds a bottle of wine in the air.  Isn't it neat?  I looked in Honduras for one but they were double what I paid for it in Costa Rica.  Anyway, I put my cashew wine in this holder on the counter instead of in my dining room table (my dining room table has a six slot wine holder section on it).

From the brochure attached to the bottle:  Acaxu wine come in three variations Dry, Semi-Sweet (I got this one), and Sweet.  The Dry and Semi-sweet versions can be savored on their own, accompianed with cheeses or taken with your food.  They pair well with white meats and seafood, as well as with the Oriental, more spiced foods.  Cashews are known as the 'fruit of memory' because it strengthens the brain's activity and stimulates the growth and repair of the body's tissues.

I sampled the wine when I bought it but I haven't opened the bottle yet, I just think it looks pretty on the counter!  Who wants to come over and drink it with me?!  We can have a craft night! haha. :)


  1. Does anyone know how much the wine costs in Honduras?

    1. I got mine from a family friend that was selling it. Perhaps look at their website?

    2. and I believe it was around $14

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