Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Houston Half Marathon Race Recap

This past weekend was the most running I have ever done.  Mega mileage.  First I had 3 miles on Friday, 9 on Saturday, and then 13.1 on Sunday.  Total of 25 miles for the weekend.  Whew, I am tired!  I am so glad Mondays are rest days from marathon training, otherwise I might just collapse!

I awoke at 4:11 am on Sunday morning so I could make it to my groups meeting place at the cop shop to carpool together to the race.  Unfortunately for me, Starbucks was not open at 5 am today. :/

Four of us from my running group met at 5:15 am and then headed downtown to the Houston Half Marathon.  Of course this weekend had been unbelievably cold so it was freezing outside.  I did not want to take off my jacket!  About 15 minutes to the start I took off my jacket and checked my bag at the station, went to the rest room, then headed to the start line. 

The course took us through downtown for about two miles, then all the way out to 610 and back.  There is also a relay (which Aly and Claudia did) that stayed with us to about mile 4 then turned around.  At mile 8 or 8.5 we turned around and headed back to the post race party.  I took almost an entire bag of sports beans at mile 4 and 8ish, and lots of gatorade at the water stops.  I was proud of myself that I didn't stop running except at the water stops!!

Mile 10-13 were rough.  Mile 12-13 was the worst!  People were walking all around me but I kept on trucking.  Mile 12.5 I really wanted to stop and my pace was waaaaaaaay slow, but I kept running.  Our coach Alain said that the final part of the course was Mile 20-25 of the marathon course in January.  That will be good practice for when I need to visualize in the coming months.  Finally I saw the 13 mile sign and tried to pick up my pace, but I couldn't go much faster.  I came in, got my medal and some water, found Claudia and we waited for Aly to finish her part of the relay.

I had seen Aly on the course at Mile 10ish I thought, but apparently I saw her later.  Claudia and I went over to the food line but saw the long line and headed back to the finish line to just wait for Aly, but while we were walking back I guess she crossed the finish line and we missed her.  Finally Aly called us and we found her at our designated meeting place.  Aly and Alain had already gone through the food line so Claudia and I made our way through.  I grabbed a bagel and two longhorn bars, but I only ate the bagel.

We headed back to the car and were joking how Alain better not make us run up the parking garage inclines when we get there (which we do every Tuesday at group practice), but once we got there the stairs were locked so we did have to go up the inclines! haha.  We walked though, no more running for me!

We went to Pappasito's for brunch and I had a DOUBLE mimosas and breakfast tacos.  I could only eat one taco and some potatoes then I was too full.  I brought the rest home and ate them about 5 o'clock for dinner.

I went home and took a three hour nap, then hung out with an adorable cat that I have neglecting too much this week.  Mommy-Kitty time is the best (besides when he decides to bite me).

My final time was 2:29.39, a 11:34 minute mile average and a PR of 23 minutes from my previous half marathon.  I am getting faster!

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