Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Open letter to owners of luxury cars

Normally I try not to post stuff like this on my blog, but today people deserve it!  After this rant, I will go back to my regularly scheduled posts about running and my life, but today dumb people are going to get a talkin’ to.
I am also talking to the owner of the Black Mercedes SUV that almost ran me off the road this morning on my way to work.  

Begin Rant:

Dear Drivers of Luxury Vehicles,

Let’s have a chat.  I have wanted to say this for a long time, but I have kept my mouth shut to keep the peace.  Today, not so much.  I am going to just let it out.
Paying $50K+ for a vehicle does not mean you own the road, you just own a piece of medal (or fiberglass) on wheels.  However, it does make you an idiot for paying that much for something that DEPRECIATES in value.   The road belongs to ALL of us.  I don’t pay taxes and tolls for you to not pay attention where you are going and take me out when you cross over 4 lanes.  It does not mean you can almost run the other vehicles off the road because you decide you are better than the rest of us with our Toyota, Chevy’s, Honda, and Hyundai’s.  Even if you think you ‘deserve’ to drive a nice vehicle you don’t deserve to treat the rest of us like crap and be a bad driver and almost hit us.  It doesn’t work that way. 
It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; learn to freakin’ drive your car!  Just because you might be able to afford to pay for my stuff when you decide to hit it, doesn’t mean that you should continue to drive like a bat out of hell.  No!  If you must, take a driver’s education course, they aren’t that expensive!  You obviously can afford one because you paid a ton of money for your car.  Oh what?  You don’t have time because you are busy working to pay for your car?  Well, the rest of us would appreciate it if you would take the course because it would get you off the road for 3 hours and we could get some peace on the road.
So please, the next time you climb behind the wheel of your all leather vehicle of death please remember that the rest of us would like to live a long and prosperous life and we do not appreciate being run off the road.

Stephanie (and the rest of us ‘regular’ car drivers)

End Rant. 

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